The Messenger

The Messenger is ESO’s journal for science and technology. It serves as a link between ESO and its broad astronomical community by providing information about scientific, technical, and other developments. It also delivers relevant news about astronomy and astrophysics to a broader public, including policy-makers, government officials, journalists, teachers, and amateur astronomers, as well as to interested scientists from other fields.

As of 2023 The Messenger is becoming an online-only publication. To subscribe please fill in the following form. The electronic version is available for free download as a PDF here and via the digital publishing platforms ISSUU and Scribd.


Normally the Editor (Mariya Lyubenova) solicits contributions to The Messenger. Unsolicited manuscripts are also welcome, but are subject to approval by the Editor before they can be published. All Messenger articles must have some connection to ESO. Submitted manuscripts are checked for obvious errors as far as possible. The Messenger articles are normally not refereed, although the Editor may in some cases solicit the advice of other ESO astronomers before finally accepting an article.

If you plan to write an article, please read the Style guide for submission of ESO Messenger papers.

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