Messenger No. 63 (March 1991)

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1-3 (PDF)
J. Chołoniewski, E. A. Valentijn
A new southern hemisphere galactic extinction map based on surface brightnesses of external galaxies.

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Chołoniewski, J.; Valentijn, E. A.
AA(Astronomical Observatoty of the Warsaw University, Poland) AB(ESO and Laboratory for Space Research, Groningen, the Netherlands)
3-5 (PDF)
M. Della Valle, B. J. Jarvis et al.
The recent outburst of (X-ray) Nova Muscae 1991.

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Della Valle, M.; Jarvis, B. J.; West, R. M.
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5-6 (PDF)
Schott Successfully Casts an 8-m Mirror Blank

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5-5 (PDF)
Tentative Time-table of Council Sessions and Committee Meetings in 1991

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6-8 (PDF)
J. Breysacher, M. Tarenghi
Flexible scheduling at the NTT, a new approach to astronomical observations.

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Breysacher, J.; Tarenghi, M.
8-10 (PDF)
G. A. Tammann, B. Binggeli et al.
The distance of the Centaurus group - A test for various distance indicators

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Tammann, G. A.; Binggeli, B.; Capaccioli, M.; della Valle, M.; Giraud, E.; Kraan-Korteweg, R.; Piotto, G.; Sandage, A.; Veron, M.-P.; Veron, P.; Wagner, S.; West, R.M.
AA(Basel Univ., Binningen, Switzerland), AB(Basel Univ., Binningen, Switzerland), AC(Padova, Osservatorio Astronomico, Padua, Italy), AD(ESO, La Silla, Chile), AE(ESO, La Silla, Chile), AF(Basel Univ., Binningen, Switzerland), AG(Padova, Osservatorio Astronomico, Padua, Italy), AH(Carnegie Institution of Washington, Observatories, Pasadena, CA), AI(Haute-Provence, Observatoire, St.-Michel-l'Observatoire, France), AJ(Haute-Provence, Observatoire, St.-Michel-l'Observatoire, France) AK(Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Konigstuhl, Germany) AL(ESO, Garching)
The Key Program, a program for testing various indicators of the distance of the Centaurus group, is discussed. An accurate distance to the Centaurus group from various distance indicators will establish the most distant reliable milestone in the universe. An intercomparison of the results from Cepheids and other distance indicators (novae, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, and brightest stars) is obtained.
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10-10 (PDF)
Staff Movements

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10-10 (PDF)
Announcement of SEST Users Meeting and Workshop on Millimetre-Wave Inferometry

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11-11 (PDF)
J. P. Swings
Instrumentation Beyond the Year 2000. Panel Discussion at the XII ERAM in Davos

ADS BibCode:
Swings, J. P.
11-15 (PDF)
R. S. Booth
Radio astronomy - Towards the 21st century

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Booth, R. S.
AA(Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden)
Improvements expected in radio astronomy systems, especially in spectral range - extension of the radio band to cover millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths and in angular resolution through VLBI - are examined. An array of telescopes for VLBI under construction in the U.S. is discussed. The possibility of space VLBI is explored.
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15-18 (PDF)
R. N. Wilson
Post-VLT optics and telescopes.

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Wilson, R. N.
15-15 (PDF)
R. Genzel
Infrared/Sub-mm Astronomy after ISO (1μm-0.3 mm)

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Genzel, R.
AA(Max-Planck-Institut for Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching bei Munchen, Gemany)
17-17 (PDF)
"Tours du Monde, Tours du Ciel"

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18-19 (PDF)
G. F. Bignami
X- and gamma-ray astronomy beyond the year 2000.

ADS BibCode:
Bignami, G. F.
AA(IFC/CNR, Milano, and Dipartimento Ingegneria Industriale, Universita di Cassino, Italy)
20-21 (PDF)
J. Lequeux
Astronomy and Astrophysics: to be an editor.

ADS BibCode:
Lequeux, J.
AA(Astronomy and Astrophysics, Observatoire de Meudon, France)
22-24 (PDF)
Visiting Astronomers

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22-22 (PDF)
Dramatic Eruption on Comet Halley

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23-23 (PDF)
Vacancies on La Silla

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24-25 (PDF)
Minor Planet Named after Guido and Oscar Pizarro!

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25-34 (PDF)
A. Blaauw
ESO's early history, 1953 - 1975. X. The Schmidt telescope: design, construction, the ESO-SRC agreement and the onset of survey projects.

ADS BibCode:
Blaauw, A.
AA(Kapteyn Laboratory, Groningen, the Netherlands)
[I] I am Indebted tu Prof. U. Hrwg of Hamburg
Observatory for prwfdlrlg me with
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out to me, that In the a of the Hmburg
Schmidt, whereas Strewindti was
responalMe for the mechanical Wlgn of
the mounting, the combination optlcstelaseope
tube was primarily handled by
ZeiwJena, induding a solution for the
ailgnrnent te~copetubdgulding-We-
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(aq See note 19).
pl] Documentation pertaining to the development
of the ESO-SRC oollaboratlon
is contained in FHA-2.8.3, 'Cooperation
with s%", Including eoph oi meorrespondence
between West, Blaauw
and Reddish and the legal advlsors of
ESO and SRC from Aprll20, 1QM and
draft texts for the Agreement f m
November 1972 till the find vadon of
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from west to various EN meen: m st
d plates which have been dlstribuw In
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1241 I am mueh Indebted to Prof. E. Holmberg
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me with ~ ~ p iofw th e d y C OW
spondence In the film of Uppsala Obswatow:
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34-37 (PDF)
B. Nordstrom, J. Andersen
Open clusters under the microscope

ADS BibCode:
Nordstrom, B.; Andersen, J.
AA(Copenhagen Univ. Observatory, Denmark), AB(Copenhagen Univ. Observatory, Denmark)
The degree of efficiency with which stellar evolution models correspond to the real stars is examined. The binary test and the cluster test are discussed. The clusters IC 4651 and NGC 3680 are used as examples. It is argued that, if significant conclusions on stellar models or cluster age depend on the correct interpretation of minor features of a cluster CM diagram, careful star-by-star identification of nonmembers and binaries is essential. The binary evidence and cluster data show that convective overshooting does exist as an observable phenomenon in stars of these masses.
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37-41 (PDF)
A. Ardeberg, H. Lindgren et al.
The oldest stars

ADS BibCode:
Ardeberg, A.; Lindgren, H.; Lundstrom, I.
AA(Lund Observatory, Sweden), AB(ESO, Garching, Germany), AC(Lund Observatory, Sweden)
Attention is given to stars with lifetimes comparable to, or longer than, that of the Galaxy, with emphasis on those with higher surface gravities. A fractional history of radial velocities for stars included in the Bright Star Catalogue is given. A fractional histogram of heavy element abundance for the 1300 objects selected for the present study is provided.
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41-41 (PDF)
Announcement of ESO Workshop Proceedings: "Rapid Variability of OB-stars: Nature and Diagnostic Value"

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42-45 (PDF)
P. Goudfrooij
Dust and extended ionized gas in NGC 5044 and its fellow radio elliptical galaxies

ADS BibCode:
Goudfrooij, P.
AA(Amsterdam Univ., Netherlands)
Deep CCD imaging with B, V, and I broadband filters is performed to study dust patches, and with narrowband filters centered on the H-alpha + NII forbidden emission lines to derive the amount and distribution of extended ionized gas in NGC 5044 and its fellow radio elliptical galaxies. Low-resolution spectra are used to study the properties of the underlying stellar populations. High-resolution spectra in the wavelength region around H-alpha are used to determine the kinematics of the gas.
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45-49 (PDF)
E. A. Valentijn
Spiral galaxies on the chess board.

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Valentijn, E. A.
AA(ESO and Laboratory for Space Research, Groningen, the Netherlands)
49-50 (PDF)
New ESO Scientific Reprints

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50-52 (PDF)
L. M. Buson, G. Galletta et al.
Supermassive disk galaxies

ADS BibCode:
Buson, L. M.; Galletta, G.; Saglia, R. P.; Zeilinger, W. W.
AA(Osservatorio Astronomico, Padua, Italy), AB(Padova, Univ., Padua, Italy), AC(Oxford Univ., United Kingdom), AD(ESO, Garching, Germany)
In order to investigate the properties of supermassive disk galaxies (SDGs), an extensive optical survey of SDG candidates in the Southern Hemisphere was performed with the 2.2-m ESO/MPI telescope at La Silla. The question of whether SDGs have in general an unusually high content of dark matter in the inner regions or, perhaps, an unusual stellar population is addressed. It is suggested that SDGs are formed as the result of a series of accretion events, possibly induced also by the progressive deepening of the galaxy potential well.
52-54 (PDF)
M.-H. Ulrich
On the origin of the continuum radiation at optical and ultraviolet wavelengths in AGN/quasars

ADS BibCode:
Ulrich, M.-H.
AA(ESO, Garching, Germany)
Two processes for the rapid and simultaneous optical and UV continuum variations in AGN/quasars are proposed. The variations are due to local instabilities in the inner part of the disk which produce small hot regions emitting mostly in the FUV but which contribute to the optical flux through the low energy tail of their spectrum. This results in a nearly perfect modulation of the UV and optical flux. Alternatively, the UV/optical variations could be due to irradiation of the disk by a central variable X-ray source.
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54-57 (PDF)
B. J. Jarvis
A new jet in M87?

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-2000 0 2000 4000
Velocity (km/s)
flgure 4: Ths Pll4 (so074 emission llne in the cote of M87. Note the double peak at fhe
No. l t 7 , 217. Wilson, A.S., Baldwin, J.A., 1989, Astron. J.,
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Editorial Note

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New year's eve with adaptive optics.

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ESO Image Processing Group: MIDAS Memo

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Prince Phillippe Visits ESO Headquarters

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Paranal: January 1991

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