Science Activities

In this section you will find a information about research activities at ESO and science related activities such as Science Verification programmes, about ESO's Scientific Staff and the various programmes for Fellows, Students and Visitors.

The ESO Very Large Array
Photo S. Deiries
Information about ESO Research activities can be found via the Science in Garching and the Science In Santiago pages. A separate page provides information about the Scientific Staff at the Garching and Santiago offices, including fellows, students, and visitors.

ESO runs a number of attractive programmes for young and senior scientists to support doing astronomical research using ESO facilities. These programmes include studentships, postdoctoral fellowships, as well as programmes for Visitors in Garching and for Visitors in Santiago.

The VLT Science Verification pages provide comprehensive information about the SV programmes for the VLT instruments to verify and demonstrate their capabilities. The page also provides links to the available Science Verifications Data sets.

Similarly, information is available of the Science Verification of the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment instruments.