Messenger No. 106 (December 2001)

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Telescopes and Instrumentation

1-2 (PDF)
A. Glindemann, P. Ballester et al.
First fringes with ANTU and MELIPAL

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Telescopes and Instrumentation
Glindemann, A.; Ballester, P.; Bauvir, B.; Bugueño, E.; Cantzler, M.; Correia, S.; Delplancke, F.; Derie, F.; Duhoux, P.; di Folco, E.; Gennai, A.; Gilli, B.; Giordano, P.; Gitton, P.; Guisard, S.; Housen, N.; Huxley, A.; Kervella, P.; Kiekebusch, M.; Koehler, B.; Lévêque, S.; Longinotti, A.; Lopez, A.; Ménardi, S.; Morel, S.; Paresce, F.; Phan Duc, T.; Ramirez, A.; Richichi, A.; Schöller, M.; Spyromilio, J.; Tarenghi, M.; Wallander, A.; Wilhelm, R.; Wittkowski, M.
1. Introduction 2. First Fringes
2-6 (PDF)
P. Ballester, P. Kervella et al.
The VLTI Data Flow System: from observation preparation to data processing

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Telescopes and Instrumentation
Ballester, P.; Kervella, P.; Rasmussen, L. P.; Richichi, A.; Sabet, C.; Schöller, M.; Wilhelm, R.; Wiseman, B.; Wittkowski, M.
AA(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AB(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AC(ROVSING A/S, Skovlunde, Denmark) AD(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AE(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AF(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AG(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AH(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany) AI(European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany)
In this article we present the Data Flow System (DFS) for the VLT Interferometer (VLTI) that is analogous with that of other telescopes of the VLT. The DFS was first installed for VLTI first fringes utilising the siderostats together with the VINCI instrument and is constantly being upgraded in phase with the VLTI commissioning. A recent VLTI achievement has been the first fringes with the Unit Telescopes (see article on page 1).
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System, The Messenger No. 106, p. 11.
Dec. 2001.

The La Silla News Page

6-10 (PDF)
S. Habraken, Blanche,P.-A. et al.
Volume Phase Holographic Gratings Made in Europe

ADS BibCode:
The La Silla News Page
Habraken, S.; Blanche,P.-A.; Lemaire, P.; Legros, N.; Dekker, H..; Monnet, G.
AA(Centre Spatial de Liège, Angleur (Belgium)) AB(Centre Spatial de Liège, Angleur (Belgium)) AC(Centre Spatial de Liège, Angleur (Belgium)) AD(Centre Spatial de Liège, Angleur (Belgium)) AE(European Southern Observatory (Germany)) AF(European Southern Observatory (Germany))
This article is a shortened, combined and updated version of papers given at the August 2001 SPIE conference on Gratings in Astronomy (Monnet et al., 2001 and Habraken et al., 2001).
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Telescopes and Instrumentation

11-13 (PDF)
A. Wicenec, J. Knudstrup et al.
ESO's Next Generation Archive System

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Telescopes and Instrumentation
Wicenec, A.; Knudstrup, J.; Johnston, S.
Early in July 2001 ESO/DMD installed prototype versions of the archiving and buffering units of the Next Generation Archive System (NGAS) at the 2.2-m telescope in La Silla. The two units are the on-site part of an archive system we are currently testing for high data rate/high data volume instruments like the Wide Field Imager which is mounted at the 2.2-m telescope. The NGAS concept is built around two ideas: the use of cheap magnetic ATA-100 disks as the archiving media and a highly flexible and modular software called NG/AMS, NG Archive Management System. The main goals of the whole system are scalability in terms of data volume, but also the ability to support bulk data processing either by fast data retrieval or by opening the computing power of the archive for data-reduction close to the data themselves. In fact the NGAS scales in such a way that it is possible to process all the data in the archive within an almost constant time. In this article we present an overview of the NGAS concept, the NGAS prototype implementation and some of the experience we have made during the first month of operating the system in a real observational environment. We also present the infrastructure of the main archive which supports scalable, decentralised processing, both of which are essential for large-scale scientific programmes submitted to a Virtual Observatory.
Most up-to-date information can be found
ESO Wide Field Imager:
13-14 (PDF)
News from the 2p2 Team

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Telescopes and Instrumentation

Reports from Observers

15-23 (PDF)
W. Gieren, D. Geisler et al.
Research in Concepción on globular cluster systems and galaxy formation, and the extragalactic distance scale

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Reports from Observers
Gieren, W.; Geisler, D.; Richtler, T.; Pietrzynski, G.; Dirsch, B.
AA(Universidad de Concepción, Departamento de Física, Grupo de Astronomía, Concepción, Chile) AB(Universidad de Concepción, Departamento de Física, Grupo de Astronomía, Concepción, Chile) AC(Universidad de Concepción, Departamento de Física, Grupo de Astronomía, Concepción, Chile) AD(Universidad de Concepción, Departamento de Física, Grupo de Astronomía, Concepción, Chile) AE(Universidad de Concepción, Departamento de Física, Grupo de Astronomía, Concepción, Chile)
1. Introduction 2. Research toward Improvements in the Distance Scale 3. Globular Clusters and Galaxy Formation 4. Acknowledgements
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24-31 (PDF)
H. Böhringer, P. Schuecker et al.
Harvesting the results from the REFLEX cluster survey: following-up on an ESO Key programme

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Reports from Observers
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1. Introduction 2. Weighing the Galaxy Cluster Population 3. Going to Extremes 4. The Statistics of Cannibalism 5. Probing Large-Scale Motions 6. Galaxy Demography 7. Outlook
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32-37 (PDF)
F. Bouchy, F. Carrier
Catching the sounds of stars. Asteroseismology, the right tool to understand stellar interiors

ADS BibCode:
Reports from Observers
Bouchy, F.; Carrier, F.
AA(Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland) AB(Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland)
Contents: 1. Why measure stellar acoustic oscillations? 2. Acoustic spectrum of solar-like stars. 3. Listen to solar-like stars by precise Doppler measurements. 4. Recent progress in solar-like seismology. 5. Acoustic waves in solar-twin α Cen A. 6. Future prospects with ESO instruments.
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37-40 (PDF)
S. van Eck, S. Goriely et al.
Discovery of lead stars with the ESO 3.6-m telescope and CES

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Reports from Observers
van Eck, S.; Goriely, S.; Jorissen, A.; Plez, B.
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1. The Synthesis of Elements Heavier than Iron in Stars 2. Observations: A Success Story 3. Comparison with Predicted Abundances 4. Future Prospects
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40-44 (PDF)
L.-Å. Nyman, M. Lerner et al.
SIMBA explores the southern sky

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Reports from Observers
Nyman, L.-Å.; Lerner, M.; Nielbock, M.; Anciaux, M.; Brooks, K.; Chini, R.; Albrecht, M.; Lemke, R.; Kreysa, E.; Zylka, R.; Johansson, L. E. B.; Bronfman, L.; Kontinen, S.; Linz, H.; Stecklum, B.
AA(SEST and Onsala Space Observatory) AB(SEST and Onsala Space Observatory) AC(ESO) AD(ESO) AE(ESO) AF(Astronomical Institute of Ruhr University of Bochum) AG(Astronomical Institute of Ruhr University of Bochum) AH(Astronomical Institute of Ruhr University of Bochum) AI(Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy) AJ(Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy) AK(Onsala Space Observatory) AL(Department of Astronomy, University of Chile) AM(Observatory, University of Helsinki) AN(Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg) AO(Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg)
Contents: 1. SIMBA. 2. The Orion region. 3. η Carinae and the Keyhole Nebula. 4. Massive star formation in the Norma spiral arm. 5. Infrared dark clouds. 6. The R CrA star forming region. 7. The dark globule B68. 8. 30 Dor and N159 in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
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Other Astronomical News

45-46 (PDF)
M. Sterzik
ESO Topical Meeting: 'Brown dwarfs and planets', ESO/Santiago, 2001 October 16

ADS BibCode:
Other Astronomical News
Sterzik, M.
On October 16, the second in the series of the 2001 Topical Meetings at ESO/Vitacura was about “Brown Dwarfs and Planets”. More than 30 participants, the majority being researchers and students based in Chile, discussed the current status and future prospects in this rapidly growing field, a field that was actually pioneered with the discovery of the first free-floating brown dwarf, Kelu-1, in 1997 by the Chilean astronomer M.T. Ruiz. The topic was introduced by a review on the theories of star and planet formation, in the perspective of planet searches (G. Wuechterl).
45-45 (PDF)
S. Ellison
ESO Topical Meeting: 'Astrophysical niches for high resolution spectroscopy', ESO/Santiago, 2001 October 2 - 3

ADS BibCode:
Other Astronomical News
Ellison, S.
This Topical Meeting was held in Vitacura on October 2–3. The technique of high-resolution spectroscopy is exploited in many areas of astronomy, as was reflected by the breadth of scientific talks given over the two days and the attendance of astronomers and students from universities in Santiago and Concepción as well as several visitors from Europe and other Latin American countries.
46-48 (PDF)
L. Wisotzki
The ESO Users Committee

ADS BibCode:
Other Astronomical News
Wisotzki, L.
AA(Chairperson of the UC)
Founded as an advisory body to the Director General, the Users Committee mainly works at the interface between ‘common users’ and ESO representatives. This article describes the role of the UC, highlights some of its recent activities, and outlines some areas where the communication between ESO and its users can be improved
48-48 (PDF)
C. Madsen
ESO Presentation in Brussels

ADS BibCode:
Other Astronomical News
Madsen, C.


49-49 (PDF)
International Max-Planck Research School on Astrophysics

ADS BibCode:
49-50 (PDF)
L. Noethe, R. Wilson
Book review: Reflecting telescope optics II, by Ray Wilson

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Noethe, L.; Wilson, R.
Volume I appeared in 1996 and was reprinted with significant corrections in 2000. It deals with the historical development of the reflecting telescope with essentially “classical” technology from its invention up to about 1980 and gives the complete optical design and related theory of virtually all known telescope forms. An interesting addition in the reprint is the recently researched identity of Cassegrain in the Portrait Gallery of App. B. Volume II appeared in 1999 and deals with all aspects of the technological “revolution” from about 1970–1980 onwards, which allowed the breakthrough of the absolute barriers to further progress both in size and optical quality imposed by the limitations of classical technology. A corrected reprint appeared in mid- 2001.
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Personnel Movements

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Eurowinter School. Observing with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer

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List of Scientific Preprints (October–December 2001)

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