Science and Technical Meetings

ESO Science Meetings provides information about upcoming ESO or ESO-related Seminars, Colloquia and Scientific Conferences and Workshops in Europe and Chile.

The following pages provide more details.

Seminars, Colloquia, and Lunch Talks

Local information about Seminars, Colloquia, and Lunch Talks:



During these times of enforced home-working,  the science life had to be adapted. For the time being, we have the following weekly activities:

  • Local Science Coffee meetings at 11:00
  • Local Journal Club on Tuesdays 
  • Joint talks with Garching colleagues on Wednesday, 10:00
  • Local TMTs on Wednesday afternnoon, 14:30 (
  • Joint ESO/ALMA colloquium on Thursday at 11:00 (
  • Stellar coffee: every other Monday, 14:30
  • Extragalactic coffee: every other Monday, 15:30



ESO or ESO-Related Conferences and Workshops

List of the approved workshops for 2024: 

The call for proposals for ESO Workshops 2024 opened on 24 March 2023 and the deadline to submit proposals was 17 May 2023. The ad-hoc selection committee approved the following workshops:

  • A decade of discoveries with MUSE and beyond (ESO, Garching)
  • Galaxies at Crossroads: Outflows and IMF in the VLT/ELT/ALMA/JWST Era (Brno Planetarium, Czech Republic)
  • Hey GPT! Can you help me to explore the Universe? A synoptic view at the impact of chatGPT technologies on the future of astronomy (on-line)
  • Resolving the circumgalactic medium and its impact on galaxy evolution - (tbd, Chile)
  • The evolving role of gas in galaxies: Coordinated science with ESO and SKA (tbd, Australia)
  • The promise and challenges of the ALMA Wideband Sensitivity Upgrade (ESO - Garching)
  • What was that? Planning ESO follow up for transients, variables, and Solar System objects in the era of LSST (ESO - Garching)