Scientific Programme

Sunday, 9th March (evening)
18:00 - 20:00 Welcome reception and registration at the Rathaussaal in Garching

Monday, 10th March
08:00-12:00 - Continued Registration at Conference Venue
Session 1 - Chair: M. Cappellari
08:30 Welcome
08:40 Emsellem, Eric Overview of integral field unit techniques: optical and NIR (PDF)
09:15 Koribalski, Bärbel Overview of 3D radio techniques (PDF)
Nearby universe:
09:50 Leroy, Adam A 3D, Long Wavelength View of Local Starbursts -M82, NGC 253, the Antennae, and Arp 220
10:15 Schruba, Andreas The 3D Perspective on the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation Process in the Andromeda Galaxy (PDF)
10:30 Break
Session 2 - Chair: Thijs van der Hulst 
11:00 Crocker, Alison Gas Cooling and Metal Abundances in Local Galaxies with KINGFISH (PDF)
11:25 Druard, Clement The IRAM M 33 CO(2-1) Survey
11:40 Meidt, Sharon Dynamically regulated star formation: the role of gas flows on ISM structure (PDF)
12:05 Belfiore, Francesco The resolved mass-metallicity relation and its dependance on gas mass content
12:20 Zschaechner, Laura Observations and Kinematic Modeling of Neutral Hydrogen in Spiral Galaxies: Implications for Disk-Halo Flows and Accretion
12:35 Lunch
Session 3 - Chair: E. Emsellem

Highlight talk session 1 (PDF)

  • Yildiz, Mustafa: Star Formation in the Outer Regions of Early Type Galaxies
  • Hilker, Michael: Large scale 3D kinematics of the Hydra galaxy cluster core - using 


    observations as a coarse ''IFU''
  • Jimmy: Angular Momenta, Dynamical Masses, and Mergers of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
  • Weijmans, Anne-Marie: The intrinsic shape distribution of early-type galaxies
  • Guerou, Adrien: Pinning down the origin of early-type dwarfs with IFU data 

14:40 Naab, Thorsten Two-dimensional kinematic analysis of simulated galaxies and the cosmological origin of fast and slow rotators
14:55 Bureau, Martin Molecular Gas Kinematics in Atlas3D Galaxies (PPTX)
15:20 Cappellari, Michele Integral-field view of early-type galaxies from Atlas3D (PDF)
15:45 Break  
Session 4 - Chair: M. Bershady

Highlight talk session 2 (PDF)

  • Zibetti, Stefano: Galaxy stellar masses: what can we gain from a 3D perspective?
  • Jozsa, Gyula: Constraining the 6D structure of galactic HI disks
  • Opitsch, Michael: Kinematics and dynamics of M31
  • Morelli, Lorenzo: Dating the formation of the counter-rotating stellar disc in the spiral galaxy NGC 5719 by disentangling its stellar populations.
  • Blasco-Herrera, Javier: The kinematics of isolated galaxies
  • Zaragoza-Cardiel, Javier: Condition for star formation triggering in interacting galaxies
  • Moiseev, Alexei: Ionized gas kinematics of dwarf galaxies: 3D spectroscopic view with scanning FPI.
  • Maksym W. Peter: A 3D Perspective on Extended Emission Line Regions from the Galaxy Zoo

16:45 Serra, Paolo HI discs in real and simulatd fast- and slow rotators (Key)
17:00 Colless, Matthew The Fundamental Plane in 3D from 6dF and SAMI (PDF)
17:15 Coccato, Lodovico Kinematic decoupling in galaxies: Dissecting Kinematics and Stellar Populations with 3D spectroscopy.
17:30 Feldmeier, Anja The Milky Way Nuclear Star Cluster Beyond 1 pc (PDF)
17:45 Neumayer, Nadine Gas and stars in nearby nuclear star clusters (PPTX)
18:00 End of Day
Tuesday, 11th March
Session 1 - Chair: E. Sadler
08:30 Fluke, Christopher Transformational technologies for three-dimensional visualisation (PDF)
08:55 Ott, Juergen Visualizing 3D optical and radio data (PDF)
09:20 van der Hulst, Thijs Challenges in characterization and visualisation of 3D data (PDF)
09:35 Koribalski, Bärbel 3D Visualisation of gas and stars in galaxies (PDF)
Nearby Galaxies (Surveys):
09:50 Konstantopoulos, Iraklis A Deep Look at Star Formation and its Dependence on Super-Galactic Environment (PDF)
10:05 Blanc, Guillermo VENGA: The VIRUS-P Exploration of Nearby Galaxies (PPTX)

Highlight talk session 3 (PDF)

  • Punzo, Davide: Visualization and modelling of HI in galaxies
  • Giese, Nadine: Nonparametric characterisation of 3D data
  • Sanchez, Sebastian: CALIFA: Mid-term report

10:30 Break
Session 2 - Chair: R.-J. Dettmar
11:00 van de Ven, Glenn presented by Mariya Lyubenova CALIFA galaxy dynamics across the Hubble sequence (PDF)
11:25 Sanchez-Blazquez, Patricia 3D stellar populations properties of nearby disk galaxies with CALIFA. Lessons to learn from IFS studies (PPTX)
11:50 Fogarty, Lisa The SAMI Galaxy Survey. (PPTX)

Highlight talk session 4 (PDF)

  • Bekeraite, Simona: Towards an unbiased Tully-Fisher relation from CALIFA survey stellar velocity field
  • Barrera-Ballesteros, Jorge: Stellar and ionized gas kinematics
    across major mergers: the CALIFA perspectives
  • Allen, James: Signatures of quenching in SAMI cluster galaxies
  • Scott, Nic: The Fundamental and Mass Planes for three nearby clusters from the SAMI Pilot Survey
  • Yan, Renbin: Mapping Nearby Galaxies at APO (SDSS-IV/MaNGA)

12:45 Lunch
Session 3 - Chair: P. Andreani
User workshop introductions (30min each):
14:00 Laing, Robert ALMA user workshop introduction - ALMA status and 3D capabilities (PDF)
14:25 Sharples, Ray KMOS user workshop introduction (PDF)

14:50 Bacon, Roland MUSE user workshop introduction - First commissioning results from MUSE
15:15 Relocation of participants to user workshop rooms
15:25 3 hours User workshops incl. one coffee break
18:25 End of Day
Wednesday, 12th March
Session 1 - Chair: M. Bureau
Nearby galaxies (dynamics of spirals):
08:30 Verheijen, Marc Weighing galaxy disks by combining optical IFU and 21cm radio data.
08:55 Martinsson, Thomas The distribution of luminous and dark matter in spiral galaxies from 3D IFU and 21-cm radio observations (PDF)
09:10 Obreschkow, Danail Angular Momentum in Spiral Galaxies
09:25 Chemin, Laurent 3D multi-wavelength data at the service of 2D mass distribution modeling of nearby spiral galaxies (PDF)
09:40 Conroy, Charlie The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies via Stellar Population Synthesis (PPTX)

Highlight talk session 5 (PDF)

  • Privon, George: Dynamical Models of Galaxy Mergers as a Tool to Constrain Star Formation Models
  • Gallazzi, Anna: Local-scale relations between stellar populations and mass density of nearby galaxies
  • Reeves, Sarah: HI emission- and absorption-line observations of nearby, gas-rich galaxies
  • James, Bethan: Spatially resolved chemodynamics of the Lyman Break analogue, Haro11
  • Kelz, Andreas: Resolved stellar populations in the Milky Way and beyond - a perspective from the VLT to the E-ELT
  • Kyoko, Onishi: Black-hole Mass Estimation of NGC 1097 with ALMA Cycle0 Data

10:40 Break
Session 2 - Chair: R. Bender
Interacting galaxies:
11:10 Hopkins, Phil Galaxies on FIRE: Stellar Feedback Explains Inefficient Star Formation
11:35 Moreno, Jorge Virtual IFUs with Hydrodynamical Merger Simulations (KEY)
11:50 Ueda, Junko Probing the evolution of merger remnants through formation of cold molecular gas disks (PPTX)
12:05 Sandstrom, Karin Molecular Gas and Star Formation in the Centers of Nearby Galaxies (PDF)
12:20 Kreckel, Kathryn A far-IR and optical 3D view of the starburst driven superwind in NGC 2146 (PDF)
12:35 Haan, Sebastian Measuring the movement of galaxies through the IGM in 3D (PPT)
12:50 Lunch
Session 3 - Chair: R. Laing
AGN / Black Holes:
14:25 Gillessen, Stefan The Galactic Center SINFONI: A stellar Ballet and a gaseous Scherzo 
14:50 Davis, Timothy Dynamical black-hole mass measurements with 3D molecular gas interferometry (PDF)
15:05 Fathi, Kambiz Reconciling galactic dynamics and kinematics of nuclear spirals (KEY)
15:20 van den Bosch, Remco Super-massive Black holes in Compact Galaxies (PDF)
15:35 Toshiki, Saito Investigating AGN/starburst activities through ALMA multi-line observations in the mid-stage IR-bright merger VV114 (PDF)
15:50 Break
Session 4 - Chair: P. Padovani

Highlight talk session 6 (PDF)

  • Carniani, Stefano: AGN outflow at redshift z=2.5
  • Sadler, Elaine: A search for HI absorption in young compact radio galaxies
  • Husemann, Bernd: Probing the QSO-host galaxy connection with 3D spectroscopy
  • Burtscher, Leonard: Possible evidence for the disappearance of the AGN torus at low luminosities a
  • Scharwaechter, Julia: 3D view on ionized gas in Seyfert galaxies 

16:45 Hicks, Erin Identifying Seyfert AGN Fueling Mechanisms (PDF)
17:00 Mahony, Elizabeth Evidence for jet-driven outflows of cold gas: the case of 3C293 (PPTX)
17:15 Cicone, Claudia Powerful Quasar-Feedback in Local and Distant Galaxies
17:30 Muller-Sanchez, Francisco The Impact of AGN Feedback in the Evolution of Seyfert Galaxies (PDF)
17:45 Overzier, Roderik A common origin for the spatially extended emission line gas in Ly-alpha Blobs, Quasars and Radio Galaxies (PDF)
18:00 End of Day
Evening: Conference dinner at Neuwirt, Garching
Thursday, 13th March
Session 1 - Chair: D. Iono
High redshift:
08:30 Förster Schreiber, Natascha Galaxy growth at early times from 3D studies (PDF)
08:55 Sobral, David The dynamics and evolution of H-alpha selected star-forming galaxies since z=2.23 with KMOS and SINFONI (PDF)
09:10 Fernando, Buitrago SINFONI/VLT 3D spectroscopy of massive galaxies: Evidence of rotational support at z~1.4 (PDF)
09:25 Puech, Mathieu Rebuilding Discs With Gas-Rich Major Mergers (PPT)
09:40 Bouché, Nicolas A 3D view on accretion and outflows around star-forming galaxies
10:05 Péroux, Celine Probing Gas Flows around Galaxies with SINFONI and X-Shooter (PDF)
10:30 Break
Session 2 - Chair: M. Colless

Highlight talk session 7 (PDF)

  • Rettura, Alessandro: The KMOS IFU spectroscopy of galaxy clusters at 0.8 < z < 1.5
  • Mendel J., Trevor: The VIRIAL survey - a deep look at quiescent galaxies with KMOS
  • Mendel J., Trevor (for Houghton, Ryan): First results from the GTO KMOS cluster program: the stellar populations of 1<z<2 cluster galaxies from rest-frame V-band indices
  • Richard, Johan: Distant lensed galaxies through 3D spectroscopy 
  • Lee, Minju: The characteristics of dusty starburst galaxies in the proto-cluster around radio galaxy 4C23.56 
  • Troncoso, Paulina: Metallicity evolution, metallicity gradients and gas fractions at z~3.4

11:40 Bournaud, Frédéric The link between cosmological gas reservoirs, high-redshift disk instabilities, and star formation and black hole growth
12:05 Saintonge, Amélie Cold gas as a probe of galaxy evolution
12:30 Aravena, Manuel The properties of the ISM of the dusty star-forming galaxies at z=2-6 discovered by the SPT (PPTX)
12:45 Lunch
Session 3 - Chair: C. Peroux
14:15 Hodge, Jacqueline Resolved studies of gas in high-z galaxies (PDF)
14:40 Williams, Rebecca ALMA reveals a rotating [CII] disk in a gas rich galaxy at z=4.76 (PPTX)
14:55 Venemans, Bram ALMA observations of z>6.5 quasar hosts: massive galaxy formation in the epoch of reionisation (PDF)
15:10 Relocation of participants to user workshop rooms
15:20 3 hours User workshops incl. one coffee break
18:20 End of Day
Friday, 14th March
Session 1 - Chair: A. Marconi
High redshift galaxies:
08:30 Maiolino, Roberto Star formation and AGN feedback in 3D
08:55 Cirasuolo, Michele Unveiling the high redshift Universe with a KMOS Deep Survey (PPTX)
09:20 Sharon, Chelsea Resolved Molecular Gas Excitation and the Connection to Population Averages in High-z Galaxies
09:35 Wuyts, Stijn Resolved stellar populations, bulge growth and quenching since cosmic noon (PDF)
09:50 Ouchi, Masami Early Galaxy Formation Uncovered by ALMA, HST, and Subaru Surveys
10:15 Wisnioski, Emily The Evolution of Resolved Kinematics and Star-Formation from Redshift 0.7 to 2.5 (PDF)
10:30 Break
Session 2 - Chair: N. Förster Schreiber
11:00 Beifiori, Alessandra Cluster galaxies at redshift 1<z<2: first kinematic results from the KMOS-cluster program (PDF)
Deep Fields:
11:15 da Cunha, Elisabete The ALMA view of extragalactic deep fields
11:40 Decarli, Roberto A molecular scan in the Hubble Deep Field North (PPTX)
11:55 Lilly, Simon Deep Fields with MUSE: galaxies and the IGM (PPTX)
12:20 Lunch
Session 3 - Chair: A. Renzini
Future facilities:
14:00 Bershady, Matthew IFS Futures from ground and space (PDF)
14:40 Braun, Robert 3D Capabilities of the SKA, its Precursors and Pathfinders (PPTX)
15:20 Lehnert, Matt  Conference Summary (PDF)
16:00 Bier und Brezen (Beer and pretzels)