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27 May 2019

Overview of publication business models

Open Access, subscriptions, transformative agreements…. to help disentangle these concepts, the ESO Library has developed a schematic overview of the most common publication business models currently used in science publishing, with a special focus on Gold Open Access and transformative agreements in the context of Plan S (DOI 10.18727/docs/4). If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at

16 April 2019

ADS Classic to be discontinued

The Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is changing interface. The new interface, codenamed Bumblebee and under development since 2015, has now reached parity with ADS Classic. The plan is to begin disabling searching in Classic in May 2019, with full site retirement foreseen for Q3 2019.

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ESO Information Repository

Starting in 2019, the Library will implement and administer an ESO-wide Information Repository, to enable controlled processes and practices for the creation, review, modification, issuance, distribution and accessibility of documents.

It will be accessible to ESO staff and authorized external users. We will keep you informed about its developments in the coming months.

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