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23 Dec. 2020: Nature and Nature Astronomy to become hybrid journals

As of January 2021, several titles included in the Nature portfolio, among them the main Nature magazine and Nature Astronomy, will become hybrid journals. The intent of the publisher is to show that Nature is "fully committed to open research and the benefits this brings for researchers, institutions, funders and the wider public."  

Hybrid journals operate on a subscription basis, but provide researchers with the opportunity to make their individual articles OA for a fee. As this might lead to so-called double-dipping (charging twice for the same content: once through subscriptions, once through Article Processing Charges (APCs)), the hybrid publishing model is seen very critically by the research community. Policies of some funders, for instance the Plan S of the cOAlition S, even exclude publishing research output funded by them in hybrid journals (see

According to Nature, "APCs vary from title to title, starting from €1,570 in Scientific Reports to € 9,500 in Nature.”

More information can be found at

16 Dec. 2020: 16 Society Publishers (incl. AAS) describe their view of OA in Physics

In a statement published on the IOP Publishing website 16 society publishers in physics, among them the AAS, describe their view on “Achieving Open Access in Physics”. They emphsize their commitment to OA, but focus on the (in their view) continued need for hybrid journals (i.e., those journals that operate on a subscription basis but provide researchers with the opportunity to make their individual articles OA for a fee). Unfortunately, there is no mentioning of collaborative OA models which are studied elsewhere (see e.g. the Subscribe to Open Community or the tender issued by the cOAlition S.

5 Nov. 2020: Find OA articles with the Open Access Helper

Using the APIs of and, the browser plugin Open Access Helper provides access to legal OA versions of articles. It is available for Chrome, Safari, and as an app for iOS and iPadOS. The plugin has additional functionality which can be tuned according to the user’s preferences. The tool can be downloaded at

21 Oct. 2020: Informal Discussion on Open Access

On October 21, 2020, Uta Grothkopf was invited to present at the ESO Informal Discussion on Open Access. Follow this link to download the slides.

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