PhD Thesis Topics offered by ESO Faculty Members

ESO astronomers often are working on scientific programmes and data sets that are suited for PhD theses. This page gives an overview over what is currently offered by Faculty astronomers. Interested people should contact the staff directly for further information.

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Planets and Star Formation

Stellar Structure and Evolution

Stellar Populations

Evolution of Galaxies and the ISM

Thesis topic Thesis supervisor(s)
Multi-wavelength studies of a representative AGN sample in the local Universe. Paola Andreani, Evanthia Hatziminaoglou  (Home page)
The origin of the blue stellar halos around Massive Group-Dominant Galaxies Magda Arnaboldi, Johanna Hartke
Disks, stellar halos, and disk-halo interface in the Andromeda galaxy (M31) resolved with planetary nebulae Magda Arnaboldi
The ongoing subcluster mergers in the heart of the Hydra I (Abel 1060) cluster  Magda Arnaboldi, Michael Hilker and Enrica Iodice (INAF, OAC).
Fuelling and growth of galaxy nuclei Eric Emsellem
Formation and evolution of stellar structures in early- and late-type galaxies with MUSE. Dimitri Gadotti
Extreme star formation in quasar host at the cosmic high noon. Evanthia Hatziminaoglou (Home page)
Ultrared dusty starburst galaxies at the highest redshifts Rob Ivison and Michele Cirasuolo
Modelling the crystalline silicate reservoir in starburst galaxies Ciska Kemper
An infrared inventory of the mineralogy of dust in active galaxies Ciska Kemper
Formation of galactic nuclei Mariya Lyubenova
Pencil Line Intensity Mapping using Archival ALMA Data Tony MroczkowskiMartin Zwaan and Celine Peroux
The Cosmic Evolution of Baryons Celine Peroux
Characterising the Physical Conditions of the Circumgalactic Medium Celine Peroux and Martin Zwaan
Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger studies of blazars Paolo Padovani
(Home page)
Studying the first galaxy clusters with ALMA Eelco van Kampen
(Home page)
A multi-phase study of the Circum Galactic Medium in High-z radio galaxies with ALMA and MUSE Joël Daniel Roger Vernet and Carlos De Breuck

Cosmology and the Early Universe