Metal Production and Distribution in a Hierarchical Universe – II

November 13 - 17, 2023

ESO Santiago, Chile


Metals trace the full evolution of the Universe: from primordial Helium and Lithium in the big-bang nucleosynthesis to all heavier elements produced in stars and explosive events. Determining their relative abundances in different environments, and across cosmic time, reveals the underlying star formation history and gas exchange processes. Recent progress in instrumentation and modelling now permits using metal production and distribution to test our ideas of galaxy evolution at many different hierarchical scales: from stellar clusters to clusters of galaxies. The hierarchical build up of present-day structures at different redshifts can also be followed, which go in parallel with the build-up of stellar and metal mass. These processes are interwoven: during most of cosmic history metal production happens at stellar scales, but metal distribution is effective on spatial scales covering several orders of magnitude. Therefore simulations require exceptional computational power, and tracing metals across cosmic time needs an equivalent investment in observational facilities. In 2013 we held a meeting at the Observatoire de Paris to review the state of the art in all these different research areas.

Ten years later, we believe the time has come to gather the scientific community and discuss the impact of the recent advent of massive spectroscopic surveys (e.g., APOGEE, LAMOST, the Gaia ESO survey, Gaia, GALAH...), the Gaia astrometric mission and the now operative James Webb Space Telescope.

Meeting structure:

  • The conference will take place in hybrid form, in-presence participants will be limited to 100 people.
  • Both in-presence and online participants will be allowed to present talks and posters. All posters will be accessible online via Zenodo, printed posters from in-presence participants will be displayed at the conference venue.
  •  The conference will make use of Microsoft Teams & Discord
        - Teams will be the main platform, used by online participants to attend and present talks, and ask questions during sessions.
        - Discord will be used for conference communications, discussion, asking questions, and general networking among participants
  • Only registered participants will be given access to the conference platforms, so registration is necessary to attend the conference sessions live and ask questions. However, all talks will be made available to everybody on the ESO Youtube channel after the conference (with the consent of the presenter).


Proceedings will be hosted in Zenodo, which allows indexing via ADS. By default, presentation slides and posters will be made available (with author consent). Authors who prefer to make available their work in article form are welcome to do so. More details will be shared soon.

The workshop will take place at the ESO Vitacura, Santiago.

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