Instrument Commissioning

VLT Instrument Commissioning and Paranalisation Data

  • UVES: Scientific Data from UVES Commisssioning II
  • NACO Scientific Data from NACOCommissioning and Paranalization
  • FLAMES: Commissioning/Paranalization Data Release
  • PRIMA: Release of PRIMA Fringe Sensor Unit Commissioning Data
  • XSHOOTER: Release of XSHOOTER May 30 – June 1 Paranalization Data
  • KMOS: Release of KMOS data from commissioning (January – March 2013)
  • CRIRES: Selected data from CRIRES Commissioning I
  • MUSE: Release of data from the MUSE commissioning runs in February, April – May and July – August 2014
  • MUSE Wide-Field Mode (WFM): Scientific data from MUSE WFM commissioning runs in June and July 2017
  • MUSE Narrow-Field-Mode (NFM): Scientific data from MUSE NFM commissioning runs in April and June 2018
  • SPHERE: Release of data from the four SPHERE commissioning runs in May, July, August, October 2014
  • GRAVITY: Release of data from the GRAVITY commissioning runs in 2016 and early 2017
  • MATISSE: Release of data from the MATISSE commissioning runs in late 2018.

Related instrument information can be found in the VLT Science Verification and APEX Science Verification pages.

La Silla Instrument Commissioning

  • HARPS LFC: Scientific Data from HARPS Laser Frequency Comb (LFC) Commisssioning