VISIR - VLT Imager and Spectrometer for mid Infrared


VISIRThe VLT spectrometer and imager for the mid-infrared (VISIR) was built by CEA/DAPNIA/SAP and NFRA/ASTRON, and is located at the Cassegrain focus of UT2. It provides diffraction-limited imaging at high sensitivity in three mid-infrared (MIR) atmospheric windows: the M-band at 5µm, the N-band between 8 to 13μm and the Q band between 17 and 20μm, respectively. The imager also provides sparse aperture masking and coronagraphy. In addition, VISIR features a long-slit spectrometer with a range of spectral resolutions between 150 and 30000.

Publications based on data obtained with the VISIR instrument should quote the following reference paper: Lagage, P.O. et al. 2004, The Messenger 117, 12.

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  • Overview: a short description of the instrument
  • News: list of changes affecting the instrument and/or its pages.
  • Instrument Description: all the important parameters of the instrument.
  • Manuals: links to all the documents related to VISIR.
  • Tools: a collection of useful tools and informations for preparing and analyzing the VISIR observations.
  • Instrument Operations Team: The team operating and supporting the instrument.
  • Visitor Instructions: Instrument specific instructions for Visiting Astronomers
  • Science: Image gallery and astronomical highlights
  • Upgrade Project: A description of the VISIR upgrade project and its progress.