Instrument Operation Team

IOT members

Instrument Scientist Florian Rodler
Instrument Scientist Jonathan Smoker
Instrument Scientist Cédric Ledoux
Instrument Scientist Heidi Korhonen
Instrument Fellow Ditte Slumstrup  
--- The above frequently read: CRIRES Paranal
Instrument Operator Specialist Ben Courtney-Barrer
Instrument Guru Alain Smette
Instrument Responsible Javier Valenzuela
AO responsible Leonardo Blanco  
Instrument Software Responsible Ricardo Schmutzer
User Support Scientist Mario van den Ancker
User Support Scientist Carlo Manara
User Support Fellow
Paulo Alberto Miles Paez
--- The above frequently read: USD CRIRES
Quality Control Scientist Danuta Dobrzycka
--- The above frequently read: QC CRIRES
Pipeline Responsible Yves Jung
Exposure Time Calculator Jakob Vinther
Instrument Scientist currently none; Jonathan Smoker interim
Project Manager Reinhold Dorn
Instrument Responsible
Paul Bristow
AO Scientist
Jérôme Paufique
Detector Scientist
Jörg Stegmeier
Calibration Specialist Ulf Seemann

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