PIONIER Visitor Instructions

The Visitor Mode (VM) of PIONIER is reserved for programmes that require the presence of the PI or the co-PI to supervise the observations, either on-site or via video connection in case of designated VM. As a rule, Visitor Mode is discouraged and will only be accepted for observations that are well justified to require real-time decisions or non-standard operational procedures in order to achieve the proposed science goal.

To prepare the observations in Paranal, you will need to:

  • Read the Instrument and VLTI Manuals.
  • Observing blocks (OBs) have to be prepared using p2.
  • Know how to use p2, in case OBs need to be modified on the fly.
  • Have a defined observing strategy (scheduling of targets and calibrators).
  • Have a possible backup plan (should your source not be observable because of adverse weather conditions such as restricton pointing towards the North).

Any deviation from the target list submitted in the phase 1 proposal, including backup targets, must be approved by ESO beforehand. Once at the observatory, you will receive support from an astronomer, of the Paranal Science Operations (PSO) team, to prepare your observations.