Publishing papers involving OmegaCAM data

For authors: if you are using data from this instrument in your paper, please see the ESO Data Citation Policy

Publications based on data using the VST and Omegacam should reference Arnaboldi et al. 1998 (Arnaboldi, M., Capaccioli, M., Mancini, D.,
Rafanelli, P., Scaranella, R., Sedmak, G. and Vettolani, G. P., 1998. The Messenger 93, 30),  Kuijken et al. 2002 (The Messenger,  110, p. 15, 2002) and Kuijken 2011 (The Messenger, vol. 146, p. 8, 2011). 

Querying published papers involving OmegaCAM data

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