During the successful commissioning and Paranalization runs of FLAMES > at the Kueyen telescope (August 2002, October 2002, November 2002 and February 2003) selected astronomical targets were observed to test the capability and performance of the instrument. The data listed below were not intended for scientific purposes, however they have been inspected by the commissioning team and found to be of sufficient quality to warrant scientific work. In particular, the users should pay attention to the observing dates and consider that the slit geometry and spectrograph setup between the different runs may have slightly changed. This implies, for instance, that the appropriate full wavelength calibration should be used to check and/or correct the slit geometry. More information about each of these frames is contained within the header and more information about the capabilities can be found on the FLAMES web site.

Warning: The headers for some of these frames may be imcomplete.

If these data are used for publications, please acknowledge that the results are based on public data released from the FLAMES Commissioning and Paranalization observations at the VLT Kueyen telescope.

These commissioning data were made available thanks to the contribution of M. Zoccali, L. Pasquini, A. Kaufer, V. Hill, A. Modigliani, and N. Cretton.

Garching, March 2003


Observations have been carried out for the following objects:

MEDUSA and IFU modes:

ARGUS mode: