NGC 6752

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NGC 6752 Core

The core of this globular cluster has been observed with 2 exposures of 1650 seconds each in the setup HR13. The first exposure is centered in the core, the second is shifted by 8 arcsecondstowards the South. The coordinates assumed for the cluster core are 19:10:51.4 -59:59:03.4 Two observations were performed at the Cluster center core: 19:10:51.4 -59:59:03.4 and two at the same right ascencion, but 8 arcseconds south: 19:10:51.4 -59:59:11.4NOTE that with respect to previous data, two columns have been nowadded to the FITS binary table, indicating the position of the ARGUSmicrolens in the microlens array. For more detailed infromation aboutARGUS Commissioning, please read

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NGC 6752
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS196_0009.fits 1650 2003-07-15T06:22:30.884 HR13 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS196_0010.fits 1650 2003-07-15T06:51:00.953 HR13 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS196_0011.fits 1650 2003-07-15T07:20:49.073 HR13 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS196_0012.fits 1200 2003-07-15T07:49:17.632 HR13 Argus
FLAT FLAMES_GIRAF_FATT196_0012.fits 19 2003-07-15T08:13:05.228 HR13 Argus
FLAT FLAMES_GIRAF_FATT196_0013.fits 19 2003-07-15T08:14:15.878 HR13 Argus
FLAT FLAMES_GIRAF_FATT196_0014.fits 19 2003-07-15T08:15:26.019 HR13 Argus
WAVE FLAMES_GIRAF_WAVE196_0014.fits 324 2003-07-15T12:45:36.769 HR13 Argus