During the successful commissioning and Paranalization runs of NAOS-CONICA (NACO) at the Yepun telescope (December 2001 through September 2002) selected astronomical targets were observed to test the capability and performance of the two instruments. The data listed below have been all been carefully inspected by commissioning teams and ESO staff and found to be of a quality which warrants scientific work on the part of the ESO community. More information about each of these frames is contained within the header and more information about the capabilities can be found on the CONICA-NAOS web site.

Warning: The headers for some of these frames may be imcomplete, especially the Pluto observations (see solar system observations).

Garching, August 2002

If these data will be used for publications, please acknowledge that the results are based on public data released from the NAOS-CONICA Commissioning and Paranalization observations at the VLT Yepun telescope.


Observations have been carried out in three main astrophysical areas: