Eta Carina

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The Homunculus Nebula around Eta Car

Spectra in HR14 were taken in 5 positions, roughly along the minoraxis of the nebula. The 5 positions are described in Kaufer etal. 2003, The Messenger 113, 15. In the central position, shortexposures (1 second) were acquired to avoid saturation of the strongemission lines.

NOTE that with respect to previous data, two columns have been nowadded to the FITS binary table, indicating the position of the ARGUSmicrolens in the microlens array. For more detailed infromation aboutARGUS Commissioning, please read

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Eta Car
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0015.fits 1.0 2003-07-14T23:10:27.075 HR14 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0016.fits 10.0 2003-07-14T23:11:21.986 HR14 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0017.fits 300.0 2003-07-14T23:12:25.957 HR14 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0018.fits 300.0 2003-07-14T23:18:26.751 HR14 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0019.fits 300.0 2003-07-14T23:24:28.625 HR14 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0020.fits 300.0 2003-07-14T23:32:03.840 HR14 Argus
SCIENCE FLAMES_GIRAF_OBS195_0021.fits 300.0 2003-07-14T23:38:04.824 HR14 Argus
FLAT FLAMES_GIRAF_FATT195_0021.fits 30 2003-07-14T23:47:01.890 HR14 Argus
FLAT FLAMES_GIRAF_FATT195_0022.fits 30 2003-07-14T23:48:23.551 HR14 Argus
FLAT FLAMES_GIRAF_FATT195_0023.fits 30 2003-07-14T23:49:45.932 HR14 Argus
WAVE FLAMES_GIRAF_WAVE196_0011.fits 1650 2003-07-15T17:37:43.755 HR14 Argus
WAVE FLAMES_GIRAF_WAVE196_0001.fits 1650 2003-07-15T18:34:35.562 HR14 Argus