SEPIA Science Verification

The Swedish-ESO PI receiver for APEX (SEPIA) is a single pixel heterodyne instrument located in the Nasmyth A cabin of APEX. It can house up to 3 ALMA-type receiver cartridges. The instrument was successfully commissioned in February 2015. The first receiver installed was the ALMA band 5 receiver covering 159 to 211 GHz, built by the Group for Advanced Receiver Development (GARD) in Sweden. In February 2016, the capabilities of SEPIA were expanded by the installation of an ALMA band 9 receiver covering 600 to 722 GHz, built by the Netherlandse Onderzoekschool Voor de Astronomie (NOVA).

Each of the SEPIA receivers have a separate call for science verification which are linked from this page. For further information about SEPIA, please consult the SEPIA page at APEX.