The E-ELT Project Science Team (PST) is an advisory working group that supports the E-ELT programme during the construction phase. The PST was established in May 2012 and it provides input and advice to ESO and the E-ELT programme. Specifically, the PST helps to:

  • refine, as necessary, the E-ELT science goals;
  • refine, as necessary, the Observatory Top Level Requirements, including refining the science requirements and performance metrics and objectives for the telescope, the instrumentation, the operations and other scientific aspects of the project;
  • develop the instrumentation plan for the E-ELT and set the scientific priorities for the instrument procurement;
  • develop a science perspective on any major cost/schedule/science trades brought forward by the project.

In addition, the PST is expected to:

  • participate in the E-ELT reviews in order to coordinate scientific requirements and assist the E-ELT project in decisions as they relate to scientific objectives and scientific performance of the programme;
  • participate in the refinement of the project science plans and the philosophy for defining and conducting the science programme;
  • disseminate actively the information and explain the goals of the E-ELT to the ESO community.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the Project Science Team are available for download.