Supernova 1987A

Team responsible: Jason Spyromilio (ESO)

Among supernova (SNe) SN 1987A is the most important object for studying both the ejecta and circumstellar environment. A new exciting development has now occurred as a result of the increasingly violent collision between the SN ejecta and the circumstellar ring. This marks a new phase for the SN reflecting the transition from SN to SN remnant.
The near-IR contains a number of lines of special interest both for the diagnosics of the ring, and for the shock. In particular, the He I 1.083u, and 2.06um lines together with the Br line gives a good estimate of the He/H ratio, insensitive to the excitation conditions. SINFONI Is ideally suited for this target as the object is extended and slitless spectroscopy with ISAAC can only be meaningfully obtained with the very best seeing.

Target list
NameRA(2000)DEC(2000)Plate-Scale(s)Bands(s)Exp.time(on source)
SN1987A5:35:28.26-69:16:12.95250masJ,H,K1 h per band

Observing Strategy:
The AO is locked on star S3 (few arcsec NE of the supernova).
Two AB cycles are executed with DIT 600s, NDIT=2 on object, NDIT=1 on sky.