Stellar populations and Kinematics of K-selected z>1.4 starbursts

Team responsible: Joel Vernet (ESO)
Team members: Emanuele Daddi (ESO), Alvio Renzini (ESO), Andrea Cimatti (INAF)


The K20 and GOODS survey unveiled the existence of vigorous star-forming galaxies at 1.4<z<2.5 with bright near-IR magnitudes. Reddening is found to be large in many of these sources so that they would be difficult to select from their UV properties. To investigate their nature we will obtain spatially resolved near-IR spectroscopy with SINFONI in the H band for a sample of these galaxies, aimed at detecting and measuring the Hα line and its ratio to the NII and SiII lines. Coupled with optical to near-IR spectrophotometry, these observations will allow to constrain the star-formation rates, reddening, metallicity and presence of AGN in these objects. Being part of the GOODS field, multiwavelength data is available for these galaxies, and the K20 redshifts will become available in the next weeks.

Target list
NameRA(2000)DEC(2000)Plate-Scale(s)Bands(s)Exp.time(on source)
K20_2313:32:18.8-27:46:26.9250masH3 h
K20_5873:32:23.1-27:45:57.9250masH3 h
K20_6203:32:15.8-27:46:04.2250masH3 h
K20_6933:32:11.0-27:44:59.3250masH3 h

In case these targets will not be observed in the October/November windows, we can provide similar targets from an EIS survey field at 11h-27 for which we have redshifts available.