Internship Subjects


Practical internships for students of technical colleges (4-5 months)

Thesis supervisor

Mechanical and cryogenic engineering    
Re-design, manufacturing, assembly of LGS cover structure R. Guzman


Anti-vibration mounts for the ELT compressors


Electronic Engineering

Research internships for students of master studies at universities  (5 months)

SW engineering    
Accelerating the ELT wavefront simulations Henri Bonnet
Design and development of a Simulation Framework for test and integration of telescope control systems. N.Kornweibel


Application Framework Code Generation from SysML models




Use and extension of OpenMBEE for use in realizing an Application Framework design in SysML




Construction of a high bandwidth network sniffer based on commodity network cards for the verification of systems on the ELT real-time control network


Study and prototyping the advantages of TSN extensions on Linux for time based traffic scheduling in the context of the M1 LCS deterministic network


J. Argomedo

Investigate control software architecture alternatives to state machines H. Sommer
Investigate XDP sockets as lightweight alternative to DPDK

H. Sommer

N. Benes

Optical engineering

Development and testing of a Spatial Light Modulator as a phase screen generator for the high-order adaptive optics testbench GHOST B.Engler
Development of a calibration tool generating sources for optical alignment of instruments

S. Tordo

S. Guisard


Optical Design of a Large Panoramic Integral Field Spectrograph's Front-End Optics J. Kosmalski
Designing and building an engaging optical experiment for visiting school pupils (Girls’ Day) A. Kellerer
Photonic Spectrograph
O. Pfuhl
Detector characterization for the Phasing- and Diagnostic Station of the ELT O. Pfuhl  
STOP analysis (Structural, Thermal and Optical Performance analysis) of astronomical instruments: modelling and testing. P. La Penna
Optical Reverse Optimisation of astronomical instruments. P. La Penna  
Computation of the atmospheric dispersion effect on the Point Spread Function of a telescope and astronomical instrument P. La Penna
Computation of the Strehl ratio of a measured Point Spread Functions.

P. La Penna

J. Kolb

Techniques for precision alignment and modelling of optomechanical systems through laser metrologies S. Lévêque
Optical testing using a Spatial Light Modulator as a Programmable Computer Generated Hologram S. Lévêque
Electronic Engineering    
Customisation of design templates in Altium Designer I. Molina Conde
Automation of an astronomical CCD testbench using Python E. Müller
Adaptive optics and laser guide stars    
Machine Learning for High-Contrast Imaging M. Kasper
Mechanical engineering    
Study of the correlation between interferometric tests, force field measurement, modelling, and as built characteristics of the ELT M1 segments during polishing M. Cayrel
Modelling, analysis and test support related to vibration and control/structure interaction for the ELT telescope structure and hosted units

P. Zuluaga





B. Sedghi






M. Mueller

Table 1: List of subjects (and supervisors) for the internship subjects