CPL Documentation

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This page provides an overview of the available documentation for the Common Pipeline Library. Where possible, links have been provided to the online versions and the printable versions of this documentation.

CPL User Manual

The CPL User Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the entire project, the philosophy behind it and the essential information needed to start using it. It explains in detail the concepts of the library, as well as the components, organisation and conventions adopted within it. This document is essential reading for any newcomer wishing to start using the CPL in his or her own project.

  • The CPL User Manual may be obtained as a PDF file from the download page.

CPL Reference Manual

The CPL Reference Manual has been automatically generated from the source code of the library using the Doxygen utility. It provides a complete guide to the interfaces and calling procedures of all the available functions within the library.

  • To build the CPL Reference Manual from your own CPL source distribution, please read the instructions in the README file that comes with the source code distribution.
  • Alternatively, the CPL Reference Manual may be obtained as a PDF file from the download page.
  • And the CPL Reference Manual is also available on-line here.

CPL Recipe Tools

ESO provides two tools for running CPL-based pipeline recipes - EsoRex and GASGANO.

  • Documentation for EsoRex is available here.
  • Documentation for GASGANO is available from the GASGANO website.

Other Reference Documents

In addition to the above mentioned documentation for the CPL project, the following items are also of relevance and exist in the ESO document archive (document reference numbers are given).

  • Dataflow for ESO Observatories Deliverables Standard, ESO-037611
  • DFS Pipeline & Quality Control - User Manual, VLT-MAN-ESO-19500-1619
  • ESO DICB - Data Interface Control Document, ESO-044156

Further reading

For information about other issues, related to CPL but further afield, please refer to the Useful CPL Links web page.