Day 1: Monday Aug 3rd

Session 1: Impacting the study of stellar evolution

11:00-11:40The impact of IR and sub-mm spectroscopy on the study of stellar evolutionSun Kwok (I)
11:40-12:10Preparing for the harvest from large infrared surveysDeborah Lynne Padgett (I)
12:10-12:30Spectroscopic surveys at IR wavelengthsDavid Ardila

Session 2: Pre-main sequence stars - I

14:00-14:30From molecular clouds to massive starsMaria Rose Cunningham (I)
14:30-15:00Development of jets, outflows and HH objectsAlejandro Cristian Raga (I)
15:00-15:30Circumstellar disks and their evolution: DustCarol Anne Grady (I)

Session 3: Pre-main sequence stars - II

16:00-16:30Pre-main sequence stars with disks: GasMiwa Goto (I)
16:30-16:50Tracing the dust and gas in transitional disksJoanna M. Brown
16:50-17:10Spectroscopic observations of protostellar disks with Herschel and ALMAWilliam Dent
17:10-17:30Measuring magnetic fields on young starsChristopher Michael Johns-Krull

Day 2: Tuesday Aug 4th

Session 4: Ground-based instrumentation - towards ELTs

11:00-11:30High-resolution near-IR spectroscopy: from 4m to ELT class telescopesErnesto Oliva (I)
11:30-12:00Instrumentation for sub-millimeter spectroscopyLuis F. Rodriguez (I)
12:00-12:30Instrumentation for high-resolution mid-IR spectroscopyDaniel T. Jaffe (I)

Day 3: Wednesday Aug 5th

Session 5: Earth atmosphere and the IR sky

11:00-11:30A tool to model telluric spectraAlain Smette (I)
11:30-11:50Building up a database of spectro-photometric standard stars from the UV to the near-IRJoel Vernet
11:50-12:05Altitude dependence of high-resolution infrared spectrograph performanceSarah Kendrew
12:05-12:15Atmospheric water vapour content over La Silla Paranal ObservatoryRichard R. Querel
12:15-12:30Astrophotonics and IR astronomy - new developmentsJohn William O'Byrne

Session 6: Atomic, molecular, and solid state data

14:00-14:35Atomic data for IR and sub-mm wavelengthsGillian Nave (I)
14:35-15:10Laboratory spectroscopy of small moleculesPeter Bernath (I)
15:10-15:30Data Needs: DiscussionChair: S. Federman

Session 7: Missions and Instrumentation

16:00-16:30Infrared and submillimeter spectroscopic studies of stellar evolution with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)Robert D. Gehrz (I)
16:30-17:00Studying stellar evolution with HerschelPedro Garcia-Lario (I)
17:00-17:15Extreme adaptive optics in the mid-IR: the METIS AO systemRemko Stuik

Day 4: Thursday Aug 6th

Session 8: Low mass stars

09:00-09:35The evolution of brown dwarf's infrared spectroscopic propertiesFrance Allard (I)
09:35-09:55AKARI near-infrared spectroscopy of brown dwarfsIssei Yamamura
09:55-10:10Brown dwarfs with companionsRadostin G. Kurtev
10:10-10:30Digging into the Solar COmosphere with the NACThomas R. Ayres

Session 9: Evolved stars - I

11:00-11:30IR spectroscopy and post-AGB evolutionsKenneth H. Hinkle
11:30-12:00FIR and sub-mm observations of AGB and post-AGB nebulaeValentin Bujarrabal (I)
12:00-12:15Spatially-resolved high-spectral resolution observations of the CO first overtone lines in the red supergiant BetelgeuseKeiichi Ohnaka
12:15-12:30Probing chemical processes in AGB stars using SMAFrederik Schö ier

Session 10: Evolved stars - II

14:00-14:30An infrared and sub-mm view of the short- and long-term evolution of cataclysmic variablesNye Evans (I)
14:30-14:50High-resolution IR spectroscopy of red giants to probe stellar and chemical evolutionVerne V. Smith
14:50-15:15Globular clusters in the near-IRElena Valenti (I)
15:15-15:30Spitzer Space Telescope observations of molecules and dust in evolved stars in nearby galaxiesMikako Matsuura
(I) = Invited talk