Summary of the timeline of the process

Action From To Deadline Output

Manifest intention to request an RP

Staff Member

Line Manager

January 15

Line Manager pre-approval

RP request discussed with other stakeholders

Line Manager

Programme Manager, Project Manager, or Division Head

Within one month of receipt of request

Programme, Project Manager or Division Head gives consent for RP

Line Manager informs respective Director, Head of Office, Head of HR and SPC Chair

Line Manager

Director for Operations or Director for Science

As soon as possible

Final RP endorsement letter sent to Staff Member

Submission of the RP proposal containing CV, project plan, formal approval of line manager, preliminary plan for the redistribution of the duties, and invitation letter from host institute(s)

Staff Member


Last day of February

SPC recommendation to Director General

Final approval of RP


Staff Member,

Programme Manager, Project Manager, or Division Head

Line Manager,

Director for Science or Operations, HR

April 15

Approval letter

Amendment  to contract(s)


Staff member in RP and reassigned colleagues, if applicable


Amendment  to contracts signed