FORS2 and UVES Science Verification



The Science Verification (SV) observations for FORS2 and UVES at Keuyen (UT2) will follow the same approach and policy as already described for the SV of Antu (UT1) and its instruments .

SV observations are now planned as follows:

  • UVES SV: February 6-17 (New Moon is February 5)
  • FORS2 SV: February 28-March 10 (New Moon is March 6).

Raw, calibration and calibrated data will be made publicly available to the ESO community as soon as the reductions are completed and the data prepared for release. The SV Teams plan to release UVES data by March 31, 2000, and the FORS2 data by April 30, 2000.

The SV Teams includes the following scientists: Joao Alves, Stephane Arnauts. Jacqueline Bergeron, Tom Broadhurst, Stefano Cristiani, Chris Gorski, Vanessa Hill, Richard Hook, Rodrigo Ibata, Tae-Sun Kim, Markus Kissler-Patig, Benoit Pirenne, Mario Nonino, Francesca Primas, Michael Rauch, Alvio Renzini, Piero Rosati, and Eline Tolstoy.

SV observations will be conducted in coordination with the PIs of the two instruments, the Instrument Scientists, and the Keuyen (UT2) and instrument Commissioning Teams.

The scientific programs have been selected in such a way to produce first quality data for cutting edge science in areas of interest for a wide section of the potential users in the ESO community. Programs that require very good seeing are complemented by others that would still be well feasible in less demanding conditions.

The following list of SV programs has to be taken as indicative. Any variation will be promptly reported in these Web pages.

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