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Thesis topic Thesis supervisor
The interstellar medium (ISM) in high-redshift galaxies Paola Andreani (ESO), Padelis Papadopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Francesca Pozzi (University of Bologna, Italy), Chentao Yang (ESO Chile), Zhi-Yu Zhang (Najin University, China)
Multi-wavelength studies of a representative AGN sample in the local Universe Paola Andreani, Evanthia Hatziminaoglou (Home page)
The ongoing subcluster mergers in the heart of the Hydra I (Abel 1060) cluster  Magda Arnaboldi (ESO), Michael Hilker (ESO), Enrica Iodice (INAF, OAC)
Disks, stellar halos, and disk-halo interface in the Andromeda galaxy (M31) resolved with planetary nebulae Magda Arnaboldi
The origin of the blue stellar halos around Massive Group-Dominant Galaxies Magda Arnaboldi (ESO Garching), Johanna Hartke (ESO Chile)
Understanding the multi-scale coupling in star-forming disks via hydro-dynamical simulations Eric Emsellem
Modelling of Nuclear Discs in the MUSE TIMER Project Dimitri Gadotti (ESO), Francesca Fragkoudi (MPI) Mattia Sormani (Univ. Heidelberg)
Ultrared dusty starburst galaxies at the highest redshifts Rob Ivison (Home page), Michele CirasuoloAndy Biggs
Panchromatic modelling of the most intrinsically luminous Herschel-selected galaxy Rob Ivison (Home page), Michele Cirasuolo
AGN outflows impact on the molecular gas: linking observations with simulations Vincenzo Mainieri (ESO), Tiago Costa (MPA), Chris Harrison (Newcastle University)
Studies of the Intracluster Medium through the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effect Tony Mroczkowski (ESO), Paola Andreani (ESO), Eugene Churazov (MPA), Gergö Popping (ESO)
Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger studies of blazars Paolo Padovani
(Home page)
Probing the metallicity distribution of the Circumgalactic Medium down to unprecedented scales Celine Peroux (Home page) (ESO), Arrigoni Battaia (MPA)
Probing the Baryon Cycle Celine Peroux (Home page), Harald Kuntschner
Characterising the Physical Conditions of the Circumgalactic Medium Celine Peroux (Home page), Martin Zwaan
Resolving the gas and dust in high-redshift galaxies Gergö Popping (ESO), Michele Ginolfi (UNIGE)
Studying the first galaxy clusters with ALMA Eelco van Kampen
(Home page)
A multi-phase study of the Circum Galactic Medium in High-z radio galaxies with ALMA and MUSE Joël Daniel Roger VernetCarlos De Breuck

Cosmology and the Early Universe