RP Application guidelines

Purpose of Research Period (max. 2 pages)

The Staff Member should describe the specific project(s) that will be undertaken during the RP, justifying the amount of time requested, and summarising any benefits to the individual and to ESO. The application should clearly describe specific goals that can be used to assess the success of the research period after it is completed, to be used as input to the PMPD process. In case the RP is to be spent in small projects carried out in different institute(s), a description of each project should be given.

Dates and Itinerary (max. half page)

Indicate the date and place where the RP is to take place. If visits to different institutes are foreseen, dates are to be provided for each institute.

Budget (max. half page)

The staff member should provide a rough breakdown of the expenses and indicate how they are going to be covered (personal funds, host institution, other sources) so the financial viability of the RP is clear.

Required Documentation

  • RP Application Form
  • CV (max. 4 pages)
  • Line Manager endorsement and preliminary plan for the redistribution of the duties
  • Host institution(s) invitation letter and statement of support