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Poster papers will be on display from Monday afternoon for the whole duration of the workshop. All panels allow posters of up to A0 portrait size. Information on the location of the poster boards will be given at the reception desk.


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1 Blaña  Matías The gas-rich dwarfs - Leo T: first in-fall or backsplash Milky Way’s satellite?
2 Choudhury  Samyaday A metallicity map of the SMC using near-infrared passbands of the VMC VISTA Survey
3 Ciampa  Drew Galactic Outflows of the Large Magellanic Cloud
4 Costa  Guglielmo Characterizing the stellar populations of NGC 1866
5 Dias  Bruno The star cluster tidal populations in the SMC
6 Ivanov  Valentin Infrared counterparts of the Gaia alerts identified in the VMC survey
7 Gallart Carmen Selected Results on the Star Formation History of the Magellanic Clouds
8 Johnson  L. Clifton A Next Generation Star Cluster Catalog for the Magellanic Clouds from SMASH
9 Kerber  Leandro Physical Parameters of Star Clusters from Statistical Isochrone Fits on VISCACHA data
10 Mancino  Sara Unravelling the cosmic acceleration with Magellanic Clouds Cepheids
11 Miller  Amy Photometric Metallicities of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
12 Nidever  David & the SMASH  team SMASH Data Realise 2
13 Oliveira  Raphael A. P. Age and metallicity gradients in the Magellanic Bridge with the VISCACHA survey
14 Petr-Gotzens  Monika Star formation in LMC-N44 magnified
15 Povick  Joshua Using APOGEE to Determine Abundance-Age Trends in the Large Magellanic Cloud
16 Prudil  Zdenek Photometric study of the stellar overdensity north of the Small Magellanic Cloud
17 Ramachandran  Varsha Probing massive star evolution, star formation, and feedback in the Magellanic Clouds
18 Ripepi  Vincenzo YMCA survey: probing the outer regions of the Magellanic system with VST.
19 Saikia  Gautam Correlation studies to investigate the PAH abundance in the Small Magellanic Cloud
20 Schmidt  Thomas VMC proper motions of the Magellanic Bridge and the outer LMC
21 Shenar  Tomer The formation and evolution of Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds
22 Schootemeijer  Abel Large model grids of massive stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
23 Storm  Jesper Gaia DR2 parallaxes and the consequences for IRSB distances to Magellanic Cloud Cepheids
24 Subamaniam  Annapurni Panchromatic study of the SMC Shell region: How young is this tidal feature?
25 Subramaniam  Annapurni A UVIT view of the outer disk of the SMC UV properties of some star clusters and OB associations
26 Taormina  Mónica Towards an accurate distance determination: physical parameters of early-type eclipsing EB in the LMC
27 Wan  Zhen A SkyMapper view of Carbon Stars in the LargeMagellanic Cloud: A lower mass LMC?
28 Gorski  Marek Calibrations of the TRGB absolute magnitude