Workshops Programme

ALMA Workshop

15m ALMA Capabilities recap (Zwaan) 

Overview of the ALMA service data analysis (Petry)

20m What does an ALMA data delivery look like (Stoehr)
30m Intro into deconvolution and spatial scales (Stanke)

How to make maps, spectra, channel maps, velocity fields from cubes, including demo (Richards/Ott)

15m A Virtual Observatory compliant tool for kinematical modelling (Verdes-Montenegro)

KMOS Workshop

60m The KARMA arm allocation/observation preparation tool
60m The KMOS pipeline reduction
60m The KMOS reflex workflow

MUSE Workshop

30m Preparing MUSE observations: observing strategies and templates
90m The MUSE pipeline: run through the different pipeline recipes, calibrations, data format
60m Details on specific algorithms eg. sky subtraction, geometry