Poster Presentations

  Jorge Barrera Stellar and ionized gas kinematics across major mergers: the CALIFA perspective
  Pedro Beirao Spatially Resolved Spitzer-IRS Spectral Maps of the Superwind in M82
  Simona Bekeraite Towards an unbiased Tully-Fisher relation from CALIFA survey stellar velocity fields
  Enrica Bellocchi  Tracing the kinematic asymmetries in local (U)LIRGs using "kinemetry"-based criteria: distinguishing ''disk'' from ''merger'' systems 
  James Bethan Spatially resolved chemodynamics of the Lyman Break analogue, Haro11
  Sara Cazzoli Tracing the neutral gas outflows in [U]LIRGs via optical IFS of the NaDI feature
  Ralf-Juergen Dettmar Gas Kinematics in Galaxies with Fabry-Perot Spectroscopy
  Nadine Giese Nonparametric characterisation of 3D data
  Javier Blasco Herrera The kinematics of isolated galaxies
  Michael Hilker Large scale 3D kinematics of the Hydra galaxy cluster core - using FORS2/MXU observations as a coarse "IFU"
  Bernd Husemann Probing the QSO-host galaxy connection with 3D spectroscopy
  Susan Hutton Do some starburst galaxies have a UV dust bump?
  Ana Monreal Ibero The Wolf-Rayet star population in the nearby dwarf starburst galaxy NGC625
  Sumit Jaiswal Interaction induced massive star formation in Wolf-Rayet Galaxies
  Jimmy Angular Momenta, Dynamical Masses, and Mergers of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
  Sebastian Kamann Massive multiplex spectroscopy in dense stellar fields with MUSE
  Sarah Kendrew 3D spectroscopy of high redshift galaxies with HARMONI on the E-ELT
  Katarina Kovac Satellite galaxies are the main drivers of environmental effects in the galaxy population at least to z~0.7
  Minju Lee  The characteristics of dusty starburst galaxies in the proto-cluster around radio galaxy 4C23.56
  Natalya Lyskova Determining masses of elliptical galaxies with a pocket calculator
  Mariya Lyubenova Uncovering Dark Matter in Galaxies across the Hubble Sequence
  Millicent Maier Central Regions of Low-Sigma Early-Type Galaxies with GMOS IFU
  Daniel May The Architecture of the Active Galactic Nucleus of NGC 1068
  Ximena Mazzalay Gas in the centre of nearby galaxies from SINFONI integral field spectroscopy
  Peter Maksym

A 3D Perspective on Extended Emission Line Regions from the Galaxy Zoo

  Alexei Moiseev Ionized gas kinematics of dwarf galaxies: 3D spectroscopic view with scanning FPI.
  Lorenzo Morelli Dating the formation of the counter-rotating stellar disc in the spiral galaxy NGC 5719 by disentangling its stellar populations
  Kyoko Onishi Black-hole Mass Estimation of NGC 1097 with ALMA Cycle0 Data
  Michael Opitsch Kinematics and dynamics of M31
  Javier Piqueras López Bridging the gap between local spirals and high-z star-forming galaxies: Understanding the clumpy star formation in Luminous Infrared Galaxies 
  George Privon Dynamical Models of Galaxy Mergers as a Tool to Constrain Star Formation Models
  Davide Punzo Visualization and modelling of HI in galaxies
  Sarah Reeves HI emission- and absorption-line observations of nearby, gas-rich galaxies
  Francesco Santoro A close look at the jet-induced star formation in Centaurus A
  Sebastian Sanchez CALIFA: Mid-term report
  Fernando Selman

SINFONI observations of the core R136 in the LMC

  Kazimierz Sliwa  Luminous Infrared Galaxies with the SMA
  Ken-ichi Tadaki  Bulge Formation in Main-sequence Galaxies at z>2
  Eduardo Telles 3D views of local HII galaxies
  Aditya Togi Lighting the dark molecular gas through MIR lines of H2
  Athanasia Tsatsi Kinematic Decoupling in Simulated Elliptical Galaxies
  Frédéric Vogt Dissecting the nudibranch: Galaxy emission line classification using 3D line ratio diagrams 
  Anne-Marie Weijmans The intrinsic shape distribution of early-type galaxies
  O. Ivy Wong An HI pilot WSRT study of local blue early-type galaxies
  Renbin Yan Mapping Nearby Galaxies at APO (SDSS-IV/MaNGA)
  Kijeong Yim The relationship between star formation and gas accretion in nearby galaxies
  Javier Zaragoza-Cardiel Condition for star formation triggering in interacting galaxies
  Ronald Laesker The connection between Initial Mass Function and Black Hole scaling relations
  Jacob Walcher

Stellar abundance gradients in early type galaxies from CALIFA

  Qian Xuran

3D visualization of HI data with Blender

  Simon Zieleniewski

A dedicated simulation pipeline for 3D spectroscopy with HARMONI on the E-ELT

  Juan Carlos Basto Pineda Insights into the core/cusp problem from mock observations
  Emin Karabal

Study of the growth of massive galaxies based on their outer stellar populations

  Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro

GUIpsy: VO compliant kinematic modeling GUI