List of poster papers

(as at 06-11-2009)

The poster papers will be on display in the Alte Seminarraum (old seminar room) at the MPE.
The display area available per poster is 115cm (high) x 70cm (wide) to fit a poster, paper size A1. The poster should therefore have the following size: 59.4cm or 23.4in (wide) x 84.1cm or 33.1in (high) in portrait format.

Please download the abstract book here (final version).

Posters labeled A will be on display from Tuesday morning until the end of Wednesday, then they will be removed so that the remaining posters, labeled B, will be on display from Thursday until the end of the workshop on Friday. Poster authors should be present during their respective poster session.

Poster session A: Tuesday 3rd Nov, 16:05-18:00
A1Ábrahám, P.AU-scale interferometric observations of the circumbinary environment of AK Sco
A2Antoniucci, S.A new optical and near-IR spectral survey of young stellar objects with ESO/NTT
A3Aresu, G.The role of X-ray radiation on protoplanetary disks
A4Audard, M.Multi-wavelength observations of the young accreting stars V1118 Ori and V1647 Ori in outburst
A5Banzatti, A.New constraints on large grains in CQ Tau and MWC 480 protoplanetary disks
A6Barsunova, O. (presented by Grinin, V.)Observations of the small-amplitude brightness oscillations in the unique eclipsing system V 718 Per (HMW 15, H 187)
A7Baruteau, C.Protoplanetary migration in turbulent isothermal disks
A9Berger, J. P.GW Orionis: a young triple system revealed by infrared long-baseline interferometry
A10Birnstiel, T.Dust retention in protoplanetary disks
A11Bitner, M. A.HD101088, a 5 Myr old accreting close binary in the Sco Cen OB Association
A12Bourke, T.The protostellar population of the Auriga molecular cloud
A13Brassfield, E. B.SMA observations of the disk around Class I protostar B5 IRS1
A14Carmona, A.Warm and hot gas in the circumstellar environment of V1647 Ori during the 2008-2009 outburst
A15Chaparro, G.Time evolution of H2O/CO gas-grain chemistry in protoplantary disks (Midplane)
A16Chapillon, E.CN and HCN in protoplanetary disks
A17Chavero, C.Study of transitory disks between the protoplanetary and debris phases
A18Corder, S.Evidence for a disk around the massive young star NGC 7538 IRS1
A19Covey, K. R.A systematic survey to detect young gas giants
A20Cuadra, J.Origin and evolution of stellar disks in the Galactic centre
A21Daemgen, S.Protoplanetary disks of T Tauri binaries in Orion
A22Davidson, J. W.Polarization signatures due to transiting exoplanets
A23de Gregorio-Monsalvo, I.Statistical analysis of molecular line emission from T Tauri disk models
A24Debes, J. H.Debris disks blowing in the wind: ISM sculpting of the HD 32297 debris disk
A25Deen, C. P.Investigating timescales for planet formation in Ophiucus
A26Dent, W. R. F.Emission from CO bandhead and hot water lines in disks around low-mass stars
A27Döllinger, M. P.Exoplanets around G-K giants
A28Dutrey, A. (presented by Boehler, Y.)Chemistry of disks seen with the IRAM array: the CID project
A29Ercolano, B.Metallicity dependence of T Tauri disk lifetimes and effects on the formation of giant planets
A30Fang, M.Star and protoplanetary disk properties in Orion's suburbs
A31Fedele, D.Timescale of mass accretion in pre-main sequence stars
A32Fernández, M.Effects of the disk inclination angle of classical T Tauri stars on their accretion and mass loss signatures
A33Fogel, J. K. J.Chemistry of a protoplanetary disk with grain settling and Lyα radiation
A35Fukagawa, M.Variability in scattered light from the protoplanetary disk around HD 163296
A36Furlan, E.Disk dissipation at an age of 1-2 Myr
A37Glauser, A. M.Dust amorphization in protoplanetary disks
A38Gonzalez, J.-F.Dust growth and planet gaps in protoplanetary disks
A39Greaves, J. S.Radio imaging of protoplanets and their host disks
A40Green, J. D.Spitzer observations of an extreme protostellar outflow
A41Gregory, S. G.The star-disk interaction as a function of spectral type
A42Grellmann, R.Mid-infrared interferometry of the massive YSO NGC 2264 IRS1
A43Groh, J. H.High-velocity gas in the young high-mass star MWC 297
A44 Guilloteau, S. Dust disk at 0.3 arcsec resolution: PdBI view
A45Hales, A.A CO survey in planet-forming disks: characterizing the gas content in the epoch of panet formation
A46Heinzeller, D.CEPD - chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks
A47Hogerheijde, M.An arc of gas and dust around the young star DoAr 21
A48Hummel, C.Detection of a disk by mid-infrared interferometry in the massive young stellar object NGC3603-IRS9A
A50Weigelt, G.First VLTI spectro-interferometry of a YSO with a spectral resolution of 12000: studies of the dust and gas distribution around the Herbig Be star MWC 297
Poster session B: Thursday 5th Nov, 15:50-18:00
B2Juhász, A.Observing on-going crystal formation in real time in the disk of EX Lup
B3Kobayashi, H.Importance of fragmentation for final masses of planetary embryos
B4Kóspál, A.Infrared variability as disk diagnostics
B5Lahuis, F.The elusive inner disk molecules of IRS 46
B6Löhne, T.The taming of the shrew: understanding the dust disk of Vega
B7Looney, L. W.High resolution imaging with CARMA: the case of HL Tauri
B8Malbet, F. (presented by Berger, J.-F.)Probing disk sub-AU scale instabilities in the young stellar object Z CMa with the VLTI during the outburst phase
B9Mandell, A. M.New NIR tracers of warm gas in the planet-forming regions of gas-rich circumstellar disks
B10Maness, H. L.Debris disk erosion by the ISM: the case of HD 61005
B11Martin-Zaïdi, C. (presented by Lebreton, J.)Searching for molecular hydrogen mid-infrared emission in the circumstellar environments of Herbig Ae/Be stars
B13Mendigutía, I.Optical spectroscopic variability of HAeBe stars
B14Merín, B.Spitzer c2d results on disk types, time-scales and evolution from 1 to 10 Myrs
B15Moerchen, M.The asymmetric warm dust ring of HR 4796A as a companion signature
B16Monroe, T.Metallicities of 10-30 Myr open clusters with debris disks
B17Mulders, G. D.Traps and pitfalls in modelling transitional disks: the case of LkCa 15
B18Nero, D.Disk mass required to form planets via the gravitational instability
B19Nomura, H.Observations of near-infrared line ratios of molecular hydrogen emission from protoplanetary disks
B20Oliveira, I.Evolution of young stars and their disks in Serpens
B21Owen, J. E.Modelling disc destruction via photoevaporation
B22Petr-Gotzens, M. G.Remember the ejected protoplanet TMR-1C?
B23Ratzka, T.Z CMa - characterising an unequal binary in the mid-infrared with MIDI
B24Reiners, A.Discovery of accretion in a nearby, young brown dwarf
B25Renard, S.Milli-arcsecond imaging of the inner regions of protoplanetary disks
B26Rettig, T. W.The ongoing outbursts from V1647 Ori
B28Rigliaco, E.Disks and activity around low-mass stars in the sigma-Ori star forming region
B29Roccatagliata, V.Disk evolution in OB associations: the case of IC1795
B30Sarro, L.Bayesian analysis and parameter estimation based on observed SEDs of class II/III systems
B31Sauter, J.The circumstellar disc in the Bok globule CB 26: multi-wavelength observations and modelling of the dust disc and envelope
B32Sicilia-Aguilar, A.A mutiwavelength picture of evolved and transitional protoplanetary disks
B33Siebenmorgen, R.PAH destruction in protoplanetary disks
B34Skinner, S. L.X-ray observations of accreting star-disk systems
B35Smith, R. L.Observations of unusually high 12C/13C fractionation in protostars using VLT-CRIRES
B36Spezzi, L.Exploring the bottom of the IMF in NGC 3603
B37Takagi, Y.Age determination method of pre-main sequence stars with high-resolution spectroscopy
B38Tambovtseva, L. V.Formation of the hydrogen emission lines in the disk winds of the young hot stars
B39Troutman, M.Modeling spectro-astrometry in circumstellar disks
B40van Boekel, R.The variability mechanism of the T Tau infrared companion
B41van der Plas, G.Spatially and spectrally resolved CO emission from disks around Herbig AeBe stars: a non-LTE excitation mechanism, disk geometry, and CO depletion
B42Verhoeff, A. P.The fate of HAeBe star disks: photoevaporation versus planet formation
B43Vernazza, P.The Spitzer Gould's Belt survey in Lupus: first results
B44Vural, J.Revealing the inner-disk structure of the T Tauri star S CrA N with the VLTI
B45Williams, J. P.The planet forming capability of circumstellar disks in Orion
B46Winston, E.X-ray and IR spectral properties of YSOs in Serpens North and NGC 1333
B47Woitke, P.The DENT Grid - 300 000 disk models for GASPS
B48Wright, C. M.Resolving structure in the HD 100546 disk at millimetre and centimetre wavelengths
B49Zakhozhay, O. V.The catalog of circumstellar disks, whose IR spectra can be approximated by Planck's emission law
B50Baldovin-Saavedra, C.Gas tracers in Spitzer IRS spectra of young stars in the Taurus molecular cloud