The conference dinner will be held at the restaurant Coco Loco, in Valparaíso (about 8 km from the Hotel San Martín). Located on level 21 and 22 of the building "Costanera Pacífico", the restaurant has a 360° rotating floor to enjoy a panoramic view of the Valparaíso bay.
If you wish to participate, please let us know which of the options you prefer for the entree, main course and dessert.
Conference organizers will cover the cost of the dinner for participants receiving financial support.


Price (to be paid at registration time) is: CLP 20.000 / EUR 25.00 / USD 32.00

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Aperitivo / Appetizer

Sour "Coco Loco", Mango sour, Whisky sour, Vaina
("Coco Loco" sour, Mango sour, Whisky sour, Port liqueur)

Tabla Coco Loco: Pincho de pollo, coco y piña; Caprese; Vol-au-Vent
(Brochette: chicken, coconut, pineapple; Caprese; Vol-au-Vent)


Entrada / Entree

Ceviche "Coco Loco": cebiche de corvina and fruits
(Marinated seafood (corvina) and fruits)


Tártaro "Giratorio" (carne de res sazonada en mostaza Dijon, limon y especias)
(Beef seasoned with Dijon mustard, lemon and spices)


Ensalada especial mixta (palmitos, fondos de alcachofas, palta, lechuga, choclos y arvejas)
Special mixed salad ( hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, avocado, lettuce, corn, peas)


Plato de fondo / Main course

Reineta o corvina del chef, grillado con alcaparras salteadas en mantequilla, con vegetales al wok
(White fish, grilled with capers salted in butter accompanied with vegetables cooked in wok)


Lomo al Carmenere: lomo a la plancha con salsa Carmenere y risotto al curry
(Fillet Carmenere: roasted beef with Carmenere sauce and risotto with curry)


Risotto de vegetales o Lasagna de verduras (sin masa)
(Vegetables risotto, or Greens lasagna (without dough)


Postre / Dessert

Torta de merengue lúcuma
(Meringue-lucuma cake)


Papayas al jugo


Vino, bebidas
Wine, soft-drink


Cafe de grano, té o infusión
(Coffee, tea or herbal tea)