VLT/Instrument Interfaces


The interfaces between the VLT Unit Telescopes and the scientific instruments to be operated at the VLT Cassegrain, Nasmyth and Coudé foci are well defined. Comprehensive documents exist which give all necessary details of these interfaces as well as other requirements with which the instruments and their control systems must comply.

Although the documents referred to hereafter have been prepared with great care it is necessary that Instrument Teams double-check with ESO (through the Instrument Responsible assigned to the instrument in question) all necessary details before designing critical items.

It is probably a good idea to get acquainted with the most common ESO acronyms when getting involved in the construction of an ESO instrument.

Second Generation VLT Instruments

Requirements and other relevant information for instrument builders is available in the "Common Requirements for VLT Instruments", ESO-379353 v3. Interfaces for VLT instruments are defined in "Common Interface Control Document between VLT Scientific Instrument and the VLT Observatory", ESO-379345 v2.

We also make available here as separate pdf files with higher resolution than in the document appendix the applicable interface drawings for Cassegrain (ADWG-C) and Nasmyth (ADWG-N). Please note that the Nasmyth drawings have not yet been formally released. The information they contain is however correct.

  • ADWG-C1 (UT section, b/w for A4 printing)
  • ADWG-C1 (UT section, colour)
  • ADWG-C2 (Cassegrain flange, b/w for A4 printing)
  • ADWG-C2 (Cassegrain flange, colour)
  • ADWG-C3 (Observing floor plan, b/w for A4 printing)
  • ADWG-C3 (Observing floor plan, colour)
  • ADWG-C4 (Instrument rotator, b/w for A4 printing)
  • ADWG-C4 (Instrument rotator, colour)
  • ADWG-N1 Nasmyth instrument flange A and rotator cross section
  • ADWG-N2 Nasmyth instrument flange B and rotator cross section
  • ADWG-N3 Nasmyth platform A: Top view and floor requirements
  • ADWG-N4 Nasmyth interface flange A: Front view with telescope installations
  • ADWG-N5 Nasmyth interface flange B: Front view with telescope installations
  • ADWG-N6 Nasmyth platforms: Access and handling constraints

Contact, further information

For additional information concerning the interfaces of particular instruments of the VLT second generation please address yourself to the instrument responsible of that instrument.

For specific interface information please contact Norbert Hubin [at] eso.orgCurrently ESO doe not offer a visitor focus on the VLT.