ALMA Advanced Data Products

An ESO internal development study is currently on-going, to investigate the potential interest of generating ALMA Advanced Data Products (ADPs). (link)

Advanced Data Products are archive products of scientific value that are not currently produced by ALMA, or planned to be in the future. They can be of any type: images, spectra, catalogs, etc. What they have in common is an intrinsic value for scientific analysis by the community, whether they may be intermediate or final products of that analysis.


Call for development studies (2022)

Proposals to develop ALMA Advanced Data Products (ADP) are welcome as part of the 2022 call for European ALMA development studies.

  • Goal
The goal of an ADP study is to develop a prototype software pipeline for the generation of the ADP. Once the study is successfully completed and reviewed, the deployment and execution of the ADP pipeline in operations, as well as any software development required in connection with those, will be the responsibility of ESO.
The study will also need to define in detail the procedures to run the ADP pipeline and assess quantitatively the final quality of the products.
  • Advanced Data Products
Advanced Data Products can be images, cubes, spectra, catalogs, or any other scientific products derived from the data and/or images in the ALMA archive. They cannot be calibration or imaging products similar to those generated by the current ALMA pipeline (link).
  • Limitations for the 2022 call
The ADP infrastructure at ESO is still under definition and development. As such, the resources for the deployment and execution of ADP pipelines and the archival of the products will be limited for this round of ADP studies.

Proposals for any type of ADP are welcome. However, for this call, we will only accept proposals focusing on the generation of a single type of ADP that can be applied to a wide range of ALMA projects.

In our review of the proposals, we will consider the scientific impact of the ADP on the community, the complexity of the ADP and the pipeline, and the resources that may be necessary for the operations once the study is completed. We strongly encourage all interested teams to contact us before the deadline, via the ALMA helpdesk, to discuss the feasibility of their proposal.
  • Proposal requirements

ADP study proposals will be reviewed together with standard development study proposals, so they need to follow the same requirements.

In addition, ADP study proposals should clearly describe the impact/benefit of the ADP for the community, the research and development that is required for the delivery of a prototype pipeline, and the estimated resources (both in person and hardware) that will be required for the operations.