Scientific Programme


January 15 (Sunday), 16:00 - 20:00 (ESO Office): Registration and Welcome cocktail

Program Overview

Monday, January 16
Chair: B. Leibundgut
08:00 - 09:00 Registration
09:00 A. KAUFER


DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887261

09:15 A. SMETTE Practical information

Contributed talk: Paranal Instrumentation Program

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887287

10:00 K. BOUTSIA

Contributed talk: Calibrations at the Magellan telescopes - plan and issues

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887227

10:30 Coffee Break
Session: Adaptive Optics
Chair: J. Milli
10:45 J. GIRARD

Instrument talk: SPHERE

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887243


Invited talk: High-contrast imaging

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.999275

11:55 F. RANTAKYRO       

Contributed talk: GPI Calibrations

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887291

12:25 J. GIRARD

Contributed talk: Quality Control scheme and metrics for the Adaptive Optics instruments at the VLT

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887241

12:55 Discussion
13:10 Lunch
Session: IR spectroscopy & metrology
Chair: G. Nave
14:10 A. MEHNER

Instrument talk: X-shooter: the first of the VLT second generation instruments

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887275


Instrument talk: Challenges of calibrations in the mid-infrared with VISIR

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887313

15:10 M. GOTO

Invited talk: IR spectroscopy

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887247

15:50 Coffee

Contributed talk: Is there a place for perfectionism in the NIR spectral data reduction?

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887231

16:35 W. HUMMEL

Contributed talk: Monitoring of the XSHOOTER response function

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887255

17:05 P. BRISTOW   

Invited talk: Metrology

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887229

17:45 H. DRASS

Contributed talk: Optimisation of the MOONS metrology system

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887237

18:15 Discussion
18:30 End of day
Tuesday, January 17
Session: High-accuracy wavelength calibration
Chair: L. Pasquini
09:00 G. LO CURTO

Instrument talk: HARPS

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887265

09:30 F. PEPE (vidcon)

Invited talk: High-accuracy wavelength calibration - ESPRESSO

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887289


Invited talk: Calibrating G-CLEF for Exoplanet Science

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887311

10:50 Coffee Break
11:05 Y. WU

Invited talk: Frequency combs for astronomical applications

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.889014

11:45 G. LO CURTO

Contributed talk: Laser Frequency Combs in Astronomy, from La Silla to Armazones

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887267

12:15 J. SMOKER

Instrument talk: CRIRES, after the upgrade

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887303

12:45 A. ZAPATA

Contributed talk: Study of Radial Velocity Stability in the AIUC Spectrographs: PUCHEROS and FIDEOS

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887315

13:15 Discussion
13:30 Lunch
Session: Reference values
Chair: F. Kerber
14:30 C. JANSSEN

Invited talk: Molecular line parameters

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887257

15:10 G. NAVE

Invited talk: Wavelength references for the calibration of astronomical telescopes

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887283

15:50 Discussion
16:05 Coffee
Session: Polarimetry
Chair: M. Goto
16:20 S. BAGNULO

Invited talk: Polarimetric calibration and accuracy: lessons learnt from the existing instrumentation

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887223

17:00 A. CIKOTA

Contributed talk: Performance of the VLT/FORS2 spectropolarimetric mode

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887233

17:30 Discussion
Session: High SNR spectroscopy
Chair: M. Goto
17:45 J. SMOKER

Contributed talk: A very high signal to noise spectrum towards mu Col with UVES

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887305

18:15 End of day
Wednesday, January 18
Session: IFU and multi-fiber spectrographs
Chair: L. Schmidtobreick
09:00 F. SELMAN
(presented by E. Johnston and F. Vogt)

Instrument talk: MUSE Monitoring and Calibration

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887299

09:30 M. ROTH

Invited talk: Visible integral field units, such as MUSE

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887295

10:10 E. SANI

Instrument talk: KMOS

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887297

10:40 Coffee Break
10:55 T. MENDEL

Invited talk: Infra-red integral field units, such as KMOS

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887277


Invited talk: Sky background correction in multi-fiber spectrographs

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887293

12:15 Discussion
Session: Calibration proposals
12:30 - 13:10
13:10 Lunch
Session: Photometry
Chair: R. Rutten
14:10 P. HIBON

Instrument talk: HAWK-I in the era of GRAAL

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887251

14:40 S. DEUSTUA

Invited talk: Photometric calibration

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887235


Invited talk: GAIA spectro-photometric standards

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887221

16:00 Discussion
16:15 Coffee Break
Session: Astrometry
Chair: O. Hainaut
16:30 C. JORDI

Invited talk: The Gaia astrometric space mission and its deliveries

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887259

17:10 P. HIBON

Invited talk: Astrometry in MCAO imaging

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887253

17:50 Discussion
Session: Posters
18:05 - 18:40
19:30 Conference dinner
Thursday, January 19
Session: Atmosphere
Chair: D. Mouillet

Invited talk: A demonstrator for an automatic operational system for the optical turbulence forecast for ESO sites (Cerro Paranal and Cerro Armazones)

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887273

09:40 J. OSBORN

Invited talk: Characterising atmospheric turbulence with the Stereo-SCIDAR

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887285

10:20 Coffee Break
10:35 J. MARIN

Contributed talk: Water vapor forecasting on Chilean sites

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887271

11:05 F. KERBER

Contributed talk: Quantitative characterisation of sky conditions on Paranal with the microwave radiometer LHATPRO – five years and learning

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887263

11:35 A. SMETTE

Contributed talk: Molecfit

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887301

12:05 M. STERZIK

Contributed talk: Calibration and analysis of the telluric O2 bands

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887309

12:35 Discussion
12:50 <conference picture>
13:00 Lunch
Session: Calibration of wide field surveys
Chair: C. Jordi

Invited talk: Calibrating Wide Field Surveys

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887245

14:40 R. LUPTON

Invited talk: Calibration aspects of the LSST

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887269

15:20 Discussion
15:35 Coffee
Session: Data reduction
Chair: S. Deustua

Invited talk: Data Reduction and archive at ESO

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887239


Contributed talk: VLT science data processing

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.887249

17:00 S. RAMSAY

Concluding remarks

DOI 10.5281/zenodo999289

17:30 End of workshop