Poster Presentations

Name Title  
Andersen, Morten On the temporal evolution of the stellar mass function in Galactic clusters  
  New Westerlund 1 results with the WFC3  
Bartoskova, Katerina N-body simulations of shell galaxies: two-component density models of cannibalized dwarfs  
Brasseur, Crystal What sets the sizes of the faintest galaxies?  
Calderón, Juan Pablo The dwarf galaxy population in the outer regions of the Antlia cluster  
Caso, Juan Pablo Ultra-Compact Dwarfs (UCDs) in the Antlia cluster  
Converse, Joseph Star Clusters Under Stress: Why Small Systems Cannot Dynamically Relax  
Cote, Patrick The Next Generation CFHT: A Wide-Field Spectroscopic Facility for the Coming Decade  
De Swardt, Bonita A Search for Intermediate-Mass Black Holes at the Centers of Nearby Dwarf Galaxies using SALT  
Fellhauer, Michael Theory Group at Concepcion  
Gieles, Mark The life cycle of star clusters in a tidal field  
Goswami, Sanghamitra Effects of Primordial Mass Segregation on the Runaway Collision Scenario in Young Massive Clusters  
Gregg, Michael Dynamics of M31 Compact Stellar Systems  
Gürkan, Mehmet Atakan Numerical Experiments on the Nature of Relaxation in Dense Stellar Systems  
Hempel, Maren Exploring Heavily Reddened Globular Clusters with the VVV Survey of the Milky Way  
Ho, Nhung Stellar kinematics of the And II dSph: Discovery of a rotating dSph PPT
Jackson, Megan NGC 1569: A Dwarf Galaxy Starved of Dark Matter?  
Keller, Stefan Globular Clusters - a cosmological context  
Kravtsov, Valery Strong radial segregation of evolutionary homogeneous populationsof stars in intermediate-mass Galactic globular clusters  
Lawson, Warrick Dynamics of low-mass star clusters: the detection of stellar haloes  
Madrid, Juan Ultra-Compact Dwarfs in the Core of the Coma Cluster  
Maunder, Elizabeth The Tails of Palomar 5 & the Orphan Stream  
Shin, Jihye Initial Size Distribution of the Galactic Globular Cluster System  
Sippel, Anna Colour distributions of globular clusters from N-body models of various metallicity  
Usher, Christopher Kinematics of the globular cluster system of NGC 4278