Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be on Thursday, April 7, from 20:00 - 23:00 at the restaurant Raul Correa y Familia. Located in an old and nice Chilean-style house with an ample garden, they stand out for their good Chilean food, cooked in adobe-ovens.

Buses will depart from the ESO office at 19:30 hr



Aperitivo / Appetizer

Pisco Sour, Kir royale, wine, natural juice

Petites bouchees, small toasts, meat empanadas, shrimp empanadas


Entrada / Entree

Avocado and shrimp mousse with vegetables in maple syrup

Plato de fondo / Main course

Reineta (fish) with sherry and roasted almonds accompanied with potato puffs and spinach dip


Pancakes filled with seafood and spinach cream sauce


Filet with Cabernet Sauvignon sauce in a potato basket


Postre / Dessert

Chocolate mousse with orange sauce

Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon / Sauvignon Blanc)

Coffee / Whisky / Baileys