Obscured AGN Across Cosmic Time

Seeon, Bavaria, Germany, 5-8 June 2007


Local Information


From Munich Airport

To reach the Kloster Seeon, we are organizing a bus service leaving the airport at 12:30, 15:30 and 17:30. There will be one person from the LOC with a blue ESO sign at the Airport Meeting Point situated in the Central Area ("Zentralbereich") in the Terminal 1 building at level 03, one hour before the departure time of each bus. Upon arrival please contact this person as soon as possible (see the Airport map and a detailed view of the Central Area).

From ESO

For people leaving from Garching, there will be one bus leaving the ESO Headquarters at 16:00. Information on how to reach ESO HQ can be found following this link. The meeting point is in the entrance hall of the main building where a LOC member will be waiting for you 30 minutes before departure.

By Car

Driving directions to Kloster Seeon can be found following this link.

By train

In case of very late arrival, you can reach Seeon by train:

  • From the Airport, take the S-Bahn S8 to the "Muenchen Ost" train station
  • The take a regional train from Muenchen Ost to Bad Endorf. You can find all the relevant information in this document (train number, schedule, platform).
  • Take a taxi form Bad Endorf to Kloster Seeon. A list with telephone number of a few taxi companies in Bad Endorf is given here.

Useful telephone numbers and links

  • In case you need to contact us on Monday 4 June (e.g. delayed flights...), you can call or send an SMS to the following number: +49 [0] 171 722 7367 or call Kloster Seeon at +49 [0] 86248970.
  • Kloster Seeon
  • Hotel Oberwirt in Obing.