• From the Airport:
    • We need your arrival/departure time if you want us to organize the travel from the airport to the hotel. Please give us the flight number and arrival time in order to arrange the schedule of the transport we will provide.
      There will be either a taxi for 3 persons or a van for 7 persons. Approximate cost will be between US$33.00 (EUR 26.00) for the van, and US$20.00 (EUR 16.00) for the taxi, sum to be divided among the passengers.

      Other options:
    • By bus: first take a bus, shuttle, or taxi to the metro station Pajaritos. A good choice are the Centropuerto buses that leave the airport every 10 minutes, from 6:40 until 23:30 hr. The cost of a one way ticket until the metro station is CLP1200 (around US$2.20).
      At the Metro station, you may acquire a ticket ("un boleto", in Spanish). Its price will vary depending of a time schedule, but it should not exceed CLP500 per unit (around US$0.92).
      From Pajaritos station, take the metro in the direction of Escuela Militar station (Line 1).
      Please check here for a guide of the Metro lines and stations (click on 'Planos de Entorno')
    • Shuttle vans: they run from the airport to various locations in the city door to door. Most of them have a desk in the baggage hall and on the arrivals level. A shared van price should not exceed US$10.00.
    • Taxis: it is recommended to agree a price with the driver before using the taxi (a common fare between the airport and the Vitacura area is around 12000-15000 CLP, US$22.00-27.00).
  • Public transport in the Santiago area (Vitacura is on Zone C):
    • Buses: On February 10, a new system of public transportation - Transantiago - has started to operate in Santiago.
      In order to travel by Metro and buses, you must have the BIP card (tarjeta BIP) that can be acquired in the Metro stations and BIP centers.
      The cost of the card will be $1100 and you may load it with at least $1000 more which will cover at least two trips that do not take more than 90 minutes in total.

      This is an example of a trip from Tobalaba station (Line 1 subway) to Alonso de Cordova with Vitacura avenue.
      In the main page of Transantiago, click on the box 'De donde Para donde' (From... - To...).
      You will get a page where you will be able to write your starting point, in this case Metro Tobalaba and your Destination point (Alonso de Cordova intersects with Vitacura).Click on 'Planifica tu viaje' and you will get several options.
      In this case, the best one is 'Opcion 1'. (Note: Go off in the intersection Vitacura with Alonso de Cordova)
      You can also click on 'Ver Mapa'. The starting point and destination point can be seen clearly if you click on the + sign in the map.

      Go back using the green button 'Volver' (do not use the browser 'back' button).
      Please be warned that since this new system has just started, there is still problems with bus stops and the Metro is very crowded at peak times.

    • Metro: (see above). Línea 1 is the one you shall use to visit Santiago downtown. Go off in Universidad de Chile station, and take Paseo Ahumada -only for pedestrians- to go to the main square 'Plaza de Armas'. The closer station from the ESO office in Vitacura is the metro station 'Tobalaba' (Línea 1), this is, if you like to walk! Otherwise, walk until Vitacura avenue, take the bus (see above example) and go off in Vitacura with Alonso de Cordova avenue.
    • Taxis: The black cars with their yellow roofs can be hailed anywhere. In Santiago, there is a base price of 200 pesos (USD$0.33) plus around 80 pesos for each 200 m driven (or per minute when waiting). The rates are posted on the windscreen; the meter has to be where you can see it. For longer hauls or cross-country, you can negotiate a price beforehand. Tipping is not customary.