Some of the restaurants mentioned here are in the Providencia area, a lively district, very easy to reach from Vitacura. Take the bus 405 at the corner of Alonso de Córdova and Vitacura and get off on Suecia avenue. Keep in mind the Metro service closes at midnight.

On Vitacura, there are also good restaurants along Alonso de Córdova, and on Vitacura itself between Alonso de Córdova and Américo Vespucio:

Restaurants in Vitacura (walking distance from the conference venue) Restaurants in Providencia & Santiago (take a bus at the corner of Alonso de Córdova and Vitacura)
Cuerovaca (36): El Mañío 1659 A pinch of Pancho: American food
General del Canto 45, Providencia
Europeo (31): Alonso de Córdova 2417 Aquí está Coco: Seafood restaurant
La Concepción 236, Providencia
Le Fournil (33): Vitacura 3841 Bar de la Unión: Old wooden floors, shelves of dusty wine bottles and animated, garrulous old men provide a lovely ambiance and bulliant atmosphere.
Nueva York 11, near the Santiago Stock Exchange, downtown Santiago
Piola Pizza (5): Alonso de Córdova 4357 Boca Bistrot: French style
Orrego Luco 040, Providencia
De Toro un Poco: Av. Vitacura 3809 Centre Catalá: Social center of the Catalonian colony
Suecia 428, Providencia
Praga: Vitacura 3917 (very close to Le Fournil) De la Ostia: tapas (Spain)
Orrego Luco 065, Providencia
La Sal: Av. Vitacura 2911 Divertimento: Italian/Chilean restaurant
Pedro de Valdivia Norte with El Cerro Av., Providencia
Puerto Fuy: good seafood restaurant, close to the ESO office in Vitacura. (Reserving is required. Phone: 2088908)
Nueva Costanera 3969 , Vitacura
Le Flaubert: French cuisine
Orrego Luco 125, Providencia
Risotto:Vitacura 3809 (very close to Le Fournil) Giratorio: International food
Av. 11 de Septiembre 2250, P. 16, Providencia
SantaBrasa (15): Alonso de Córdova 4260 El Huerto: Vegetarian
Orrego Luco 054, Providencia
Starnberg (13): Alonso de Córdova 2359 Los Insaciables: Pizzas
Andres de Fuenzalida 40, Providencia
Cote Fromage: El Mañío 1665 El Parrón: Meat, fish, seafood
Providencia 1184, Providencia
Grissini: Av. Vitacura 3797 Puerto Pirata: Peruvian food
Roman Diaz 55, Providencia
Da Carla (25): Nueva Costanera 3673 Santo Remedio: International food
Román Díaz 152, Providencia


  • Manuel Montt street. Take the subway and get off at the Manuel Montt station. Several bars and restaurants in the area are open until late hours of the evening and onto the early morning hours too.
  • Suecia avenue is a popular spot for foreigners; many of the bars, like Irish and Boston style pubs, are specifically designed to attract foreign customers. The bars and nightclubs are often more upscale than Bellavista and are not as crowded. Suecia avenue offers many nightclubs and is considered one of the best places for a night of salsa dancing.
  • Barrio Bellavista at night is Santiago's liveliest neighborhood. The bars are generally inexpensive and the district boasts dance clubs of many genres, including salsa and techno. Restaurants range from cheap pizza to fine French cuisine.
    Bellavista's main street, Pío Nono, is an attraction in itself. Street vendors have colorful booths along the sidewalks. They offer anything from paintings and souvenirs to kebobs and bamboo saxophones. Pío Nono is very crowded on weekends, so beware of pickpockets.
    To get to Bellavista, take the metro to the Baquedano Station or take a bus to Plaza Italia. Follow Pío Nono north across the Mapocho River. After a few blocks, you will know when you are in Bellavista.