Spatial Distribution of 11.2 micron PAH emission in Young Bipolar Nebulae

Coordinator: Mario van den Ancker

Program is available and data products can be downloadedAbstract:
We propose to use VISIR in Science Verification Time to obtain imaging in the 11.2 micron PAH2 band and the continuum at 12.1 microns of two Young Bipolar Nebulae. These new images will allow us to study the nebular morphology and check for nearby mid-infrared point-sources, putting strong constraints on the formation scenario for massive stars.

Target list
NameRA(2000)DEC(2000)ModeObs.Time (h)
V590 Mon06:40:44.6+09:48:02IMA: PAH2, PAH2ref21.2
S287-B06:59:34.3-04:46:00IMA: PAH2, PAH2ref21.2