Nuclear activity in spiral galaxies

Coordinator: Siebenmorgen, Kruegel, Chini

Finding charts: n/a: blind pointing

The N-band luminosity towards the centers of galaxies has long been known (Rieke & Lebofsky, 1978, ApJ 220, L38) to be a trustful indicator of activity. We wish to perform 10mic. imaging with VISIR at the VLT in our complete FIR--selected sample of spiral galaxies which contains some 160 objects with S_100mu > 9 Jy (Albrecht et al., 2004, AA 414, 141). The targets for the observations proposed here have been selected according to their distance to achieve a high spatial resolution and their IRAS 12mic. flux (> 0.4 Jy) and indication of activity. Two thirds of our objects show clear signs of central activity (starburst or Sy2), the rest none. As 10mic. continuum emission traces hot dust (heated either by OB stars or by an accretion black hole), the observations will serve as an independent check of the present activity classification and possibly detect new activity candidates. In view of the high spatial rewsolution (0.3" at the VLT) and the relative proximity of the sources, in the case of a starburst the emission is expected to be resolved and we will be able to delineate the structure of the starburst region. If an AGN is the major energy source, the emission should be point-like.

Program is available and data products can be downloaded

Target list
NameRA(2000)DEC(2000)ModeObs.Time (h)
NGC78802h01m06.4s-06d48m56s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC760323h18m56.6s+00d14m38s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
MCG -03-58-00722h49m37.1s-19d16m26s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 001700h11m06.5s-12d06m26s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 132003h24m48.7s-03d02m32s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 299209h45m42.0s-14d19m35s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 717222h02m01.7s-31d52m18s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 731422h35m46.2s-26d03m01s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
3C 12004h33m11.1s+05d21m16s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 119403h03m49.1s-01d06m13s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
NGC 746923h03m15.6s+08d52m26s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn708 (NGC 2966)09h42m11.5s+04d40m23s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn538 (NGC 7714)23h36m14.1s+02d09m19s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn33123h51m26.8s+20d35m10s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn332 (NGC 7798)23h59m25.5s+20d44m59s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn603 NGC 1222)03h08m56.7s-02d57m19s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn534 NGC 767923h28m46.6s+03d30m41s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn102202h09m38.6s-10d08m46s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1
Mkn61704h33m59.8s-08d34m44s11.3 img 0.1"pfov1