VISIR Catography of Orion - BN

Coordinator: Lagage, Petr-Gotzens, Pantin, Rouan

This imaging programme aims at obtaining a large MID-IR map of the high-mass star forming region Orion BN-KL at highest possible spatial resolution. Unlike many other sites of high-mass star formation BN/KL is in close proximity, at only $\sim$450pc distance, and therefore offers an unique opportunity to study its structure and individual sources at great detail.

Program is available and data products can be downloaded

Observing strategy:
Observations are performed at three different wavelengths. Nine partly overlapping pointings shall be observedat 8.6 (PAH1) and 11.25 (PAH2) micron, respectively. At 17.65 micron only 3 pointings are defined. PSF reference stars are observed frequently. Due to the crowded nature of the region a large nod throw was defined, which implies the use of the VISIR template VISIR_img_obs_GenericChopNod.

Target list
NameRA(2000)DEC(2000)ModeObs.Time (h)
Orion_pos105h35m14.497s-05d22m29.9sPAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos105h35m14.497s-05d22m29.9sPAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos2+0.0"-14.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos2+0.0"-14.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos3+15.0"-10.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos3+15.0"-10.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos4+15.0"+7.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos4+15.0"+7.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos5-15.0"-4.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos5-15.0"-4.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos6-16.0"+13.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos6-16.0"+13.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos7-16.0"+28.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos7-16.0"+28.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos8-3.0"+28.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos8-3.0"+28.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos9-3.0"+14.0"PAH1 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos9-3.0"+14.0"PAH2 0.075" pfov0.33
Orion_pos1a05h35m15.28s-05d22m31.0sQ1 0.075" pfov0.55
Orion_pos2a05h35m13.78s-05d22m31.0sQ1 0.075" pfov0.55
Orion_pos3a05h35m13.78s-05d22m08.5sQ1 0.075" pfov0.55