Thermophysical Characterisation of Nyx

Coordinator: H.U. Kaeufl (ESO), T.G. Mueller (MPE, Garching) R. Siebenmorgen (ESO)


Program is available and data products can be downloadedAbstract:
VISIR observations of the near-Earth asteroid 3908 Nyx in photometric N- and Q-band imaging mode and in low resolution N-band spectroscopy mode.
Nyx is a basaltic near-Earth asteroid with an extremely rough surface and the proposed target for the "Deep Interior" mission. The VISIR monitoring observations will allow us:
- to derive a high quality radiometric size and albedo
- to distinquish between a bare rock surface and a regolith covered surface
- to explore the surface roughness, cratering and the surface mineralogy
High-accuracy N- and Q-band photometry and low resolution spectroscopy at high S/N, observations are limited by signal processing/calibration uncertainites.

Target list
NameRA(2000)DEC(2000)ModeObs.Time (h)
Nyx..N,Q-img+LR-spc2h on 28.09.04
Nyx..N,Q-img+LR-spc2h on 28.10.04
Nyx..N,Q-img+LR-spc2h on 27.11.04
Nyx..N,Q-img+LR-spc2h on 26.12.04