Scientific Computing at Vitacura

The science staff, post-docs, students, and visitors have access to two powerful computing facilities available in Vitacura:

  1. is a Dell PowerEdge R920 server with 48 cores,  512 GB ram, and 14TB disk space.  This machine is expected to be used for MUSE data reduction although we do not limit it to this use. You can check the actual specs here.
  2. GPU machine. For simulation and data visualization. Two Xeon processors, with a total of 24 cores; a TESLA K20 GPU; 10 TB of disk space; and 256GB of memory.

The way to use these machines is by sending an email requesting an account to the administrators of the machines. The administrator for chapman is Fernando Selman, (please also cc.  For the gpu machine is Ignacio Toledo

Instructions on how to get an account and how to use the facilities can be found at The Chapman Guide

Instruction of use of the gpu machine

The gpu machine is currently available at address Users might request an account to access it (

This machine uses Centos 7 as OS. The following libraries and software suites are installed for all users:

  • CUDA libraries, version 6.5.
  • PGI Fortran
  • Anaconda Python distribution