Master's Thesis Abstracts


Master's Thesis topics

Thesis supervisor

Electronics & SW programming    
Migration of ESO detector testbench control software to Python E. Müller    
SW – data mining    

Data driven study of spectroscopic archives using deep neural networks

(Prior experience with CNN training workflows using Pytorch is a must)

N. Sedaghat
SW engineering    


VISTA Active Optics Wavefront control in C++


G. Zins  
Design and development of a Simulation Framework for test and integration of telescope control systems. N.Kornweibel
Application Framework Code Generation from SysML models N.Kornweibel  
Use and extension of OpenMBEE for use in realizing an Application Framework design in SysML N.Kornweibel  
Construction of a high bandwidth network sniffer based on commodity network cards for the verification of systems on
the ELT real-time control network
Investigate control software architecture alternatives to state machines H. Sommer
Investigate XDP sockets as lightweight alternative to DPDK

H. Sommer

N. Benes

Streaming into VR headsets A. Hoffstadt
Time-keeping in control networks and software M. Schilling

Optical engineering

Testbench for photonic chips O. Pfuhl
STOP analysis (Structural, Thermal and Optical Performance analysis) of astronomical instruments: modelling and testing. P. La Penna
Optical Reverse Optimisation of astronomical instruments. P. La Penna  
Computation of the Strehl ratio of a measured Point Spread Functions.

P. La Penna

J. Kolb

Computation of the atmospheric dispersion effect on the Point Spread Function of a telescope and astronomical instrument P. La Penna
Techniques for precision alignment and modelling of optomechanical systems through laser metrologies S. Lévêque
Optical testing using a Spatial Light Modulator as a Programmable Computer Generated Hologram S. Lévêque
Adaptive optics and laser guide stars    
Advanced data reduction algorithms for high-contrast imaging M. Kasper
Atmospheric induced image motion correction, using Laser Guide Stars D. Bonaccini Calia
Mechanical engineering    
Study of the correlation between force field measurements, modelling, and as-built characteristics in the ELT M1 segment supports F. Biancat Marchet
Study of the correlation between interferometric tests, force field measurement, modelling, and as built characteristics of
the ELT M1 segments during polishing
M. Cayrel
Integrated modelling of the ELT Positioning Actuators and Edge Sensors F. Biancat Marchet  
Modelling and analysis of mechanical characteristics of thin brazing joints for SiC brazed mirrors of the ELT M. Cayrel  

Multidisciplinary: mechanics, electronics, SW and image analysis


Table 1: List of subjects (and supervisors) for the Master's theses.