The Mission of the Offices for Science

  • Maintain an attractive/stimulating research environment
  • Disseminate ESO expertise into the community

  • Foster scientific collaborations

  • Keep ESO astronomers at the forefront of astronomy

  • Educate and train students and junior astronomers


Office for Science Garching

The Office for Science supports, monitors and evaluates all ESO science staff.

The Office coordinates a series of closely inter-connected programmes and activities. This includes the fellowshipstudentship, internship and visitor programmes (Garching & Chile), an active participation in the IMPRS and Excellence Cluster programmes, the ESO science conferences and workshops, as well as all science and technical meetings (seminars, colloquia and lunch talks).

The Office

Michael Hilker

Faculty Chair
Head of the OfSc


Nelma Silva

Office for Science Assistant in charge of Students, Fellows
and science visitors as well as trips for Fellows and Students
(OTA = Office Travel Assistant)

Denisa Tako

Office for Science Assistant in charge of the workshops' and
conferences' organisation, the ESO Faculty, the Internship
Programme and the SSDF Fund.