The Messenger 187 is Now Available

Published: 05 Aug 2022

The latest edition of ESO’s science and technology journal, The Messenger, is now available online. In issue 187, highlights include and article about CRIRES+ science verification results and a description of the ALMA Science Archive, which is being developed taking into account users experience with the goal of helping to maximise the scientific productivity of the observatory. The science section of this issue features articles describing the most recent results from the CARS survey and how the community can make use of its data release 1, as well as an overview of recent results in exoplanet science made with ESPRESSO. 

Further, you can learn about the newly launched Early-Career Scientific Visitor Programme at ESO Chile and Garching, and read the reports of two recent workshops, "The Present and Future of Astronomy (ASTRO2022)” and the MAYA 2022 Conference.

As usual, the issue closes with the profiles from three ESO fellows describing what sparked their interest in astronomy and their respective paths to ESO. This issue features for the first time an engineering fellow, following ESO introducing this fellowship scheme few years ago.